CAEB swears in new member, focuses on General Assembly


Thomas Santos and Thomas Santos

Garrett Kegel was voted in as a member of the Clubs and Events Board at their Nov. 4 meeting.

“I don’t have to be voted into office, but I would still like to help students,” said Kegel during a presentation to CAEB.

“I would like to establish an open door policy before and after meetings with students. If you have a problem, I would like to help you solve your problem, or at least point you to someone who can help,” he added.

CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher began the meeting by congratulating the board on their recent “Geeks and Goths” Club Day on Oct. 30, and also encouraged fellow students to participate in this year’s elections.

Dean of Student Services Manuel Perez also congratulated the board, making note that participants said that CAEB had done “an amazing job” and that it was “a job well done.”

Perez announced that there will be three executive officers from CAEB who will be representing American River College during this semester’s statewide General Assembly this month.

Topics to be discussed at General Assembly include how to make communtiy college campuses better on a statewide level, and discussion about changing the California Master Plan for Higher Education to encourage youth to go to college.

Also on the agenda is Proposition 13, a law regarding property taxes passed in 1978.

“We will come back with a report to let you know how the event went,” said Fierce club representative Kenneth Hinton.

There will also be an actual DUI trial on campus this Friday from 10 a.m. to noon in the community rooms, where there will be an actual sentencing from the courtroom to ARC. All students are welcomed to participate.

CAEB will be busy preparing for this month’s upcoming events and also preparing for March in March. All students are welcome to participate.

With school closed next Tuesday for Veterans Day, the CAEB meeting will run in concurrence with next week’s Student Senate meeting.