Senate and Joint Budget Committee discuss spending

The Student Senate meeting on Thursday, Oct. 16 had ran in tandem with a meeting of the Joint Budget Committee.

The JBC held a discussion relating to money that funds clubs, General Assembly costs, and other student related activities that pertain to the school.

The JBC has postponed by-law discussions until Monday, Oct. 20.

“Clarifications in the by-laws have been moved up,” Dean of Student Services Manuel Perez said. “They will not be back for another two weeks.”

A bill allocating $800 to fund American River College’s account with VoteNet has been approved.

Last year the cost was $1,000.  “Every board of every college has to pay their own portion of VoteNet,” Perez said.

At the Student Senate meeting, Jasmine Habibeh had been sworn into her new office as senator.  Dean Perez read off her responsibilities and she gave a public swear-in.

Student senators had also motioned to approve General Assembly costs for this semester.  A unanimous vote approved money from the budget to fund student related concerns on campus, such as bike locker maintenance, repairs, and other general costs.

In promoting student activities on campus, Director of Finance Laurie Jones announced that American River College’s football team is ranked number one in the state this semester.  “More students need to come out to more athletic events to support students who work hard there,” she said.

The Marketing Association Club is also throwing an event on Oct. 29 in support of the football team announced Konstantin Rurouri.

Nancy Lopez, Cameron Weaver and Kenneth Hinton have been approved to be appointed to the JBC.

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate President, said that she wants to have more meetings in the cafeteria where they will be more visible to students.

“I am very supportive of your idea to have meetings where the space is more frequented by students,” Perez said. “We will provide any technical support for you if approved.”

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  1. Ironic the 30 minutes JBC has come together this semester was to pay for VoteNet which has 0 transparency. It is a system that on the face looks secure but once voting time is over the results are not published but rather sent to the Board of Trustees who then have a private meeting about what they want to say happened and send an Email to ARC Administration who then spend a day in private meeting and then release unofficial results three days after the election.

    VoteNet which cost $2000/a year per college not only gives an unverified, iron curtain ability to administrators to put in whoever they want in office but has also successfully yeilded 300 students of 36,500 students who attend ARC. That’s approximately $6.67 a person to be able to vote online. Previously Cheeseburger, chips and Soda was given out at a cost of about $900 and about 900 students turned out to vote.

    I say it’s time to move towards transparency and go back to paper ballots, where all interested party’s can watch the votes be counted and verified with their own eyes and get away from the oppression of VoteNet.

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