Anti-abortion group visits campus

Kevin Sheridan and Kevin Sheridan

An anti-abortion group, calling themselves “Project Truth,” visited  American River College on Feb. 25 and Feb 26.

The group says that although they identify as Christians, their message is not religious, according to John Edgar, who identified himself as one of the three leaders of Project Truth.

“It comes from a human rights issue, it’s unjust to intentionally kill another human being.” Edgar explained.

 The group says that pro-choice groups – such as Planned Parenthood – are lying to teenagers, and that a lot of deception occurs in abortion clinics around the country.

Project Truth claims that many abortion clinics tell pregnant women that the fetus they want to abort is not alive, or has serious mental or physical handicaps.

The group says the clinics do this for a number of reasons: to make the abortion easier for the women, for profit and also to make it easier for the doctor performing the abortion.

“We try to dehumanize them and say they’re just a blob of tissue.” said Edgar.

Project Truth says their goal is to educate as many people as possible about their message, and that many women end up regretting their abortions.

The group’s displayed featured graphic images of aborted fetuses paired with anti-abortion quotes from former abortion doctors and other scientists.

The display prompted a number of students to urge the group to take the pictures down, calling the display disgusting.

However, the leaders of Project Truth say they were not concerned about backlash from the student body, citing the first amendment as grounds for being there.

“Backlash is a relative term, there are some who are glad we’re here, part of free speech is telling people what they don’t want to hear,” said Don Jones, another leader of Project Truth.

The ARC Associated Student Body Student Senate issued a letter, in which  they  urged students to be respectful towards the group and its displayed signs, warning students of graphic imagery.