Undocumented handcuffing on campus leads to a problem with freedom of information

Two people were placed into handcuffs at the American River College Campus on Monday afternoon by the Los Rios Police Department.

As of Monday night, the Los Rios Police Department had no record of the incidents on the crime log section.

Although there are always stereotypes that the police can do whatever they want, some things are required by the Calif. Government Code to be documented and expressed to the media in a timely matter.

It took until Tuesday morning after speaking with Sgt. Mike Olson of the Los Rios Police Department and mentioning Government Code 6254(f)(1) to get any information about the incidents that occurred the prior day.

One student was arrested in front of Davies Hall for an outstanding warrant and another was detained in front of the Business 123. The student arrested for the warrant was transported and booked into the Sacramento County Jail.

Olsen said the other student was detained for allegedly “making threats” against another student. After an investigation, he was released at the scene with a student disciplinary report forwarded to ARC.

“We are not a perfect Department and we are not all perfect people,” Olsen said.

After an interview with The Current, both incidents now appear on the Los Rios Police Department Crime Log.

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