Current staff take home awards at community college journalism conference

Ed Gebing and Ed Gebing

The Northern California chapter of the Journalistic Association of Community Colleges (JACC) met for its annual convention Saturday at Sacramento State University. Several junior colleges took part in the event that featured on-the-spot competitions as well as submissions from last semester.

American River College came away with several awards and honorable mentions.

The staff of The Current took home a general excellence award for the paper and took third place for the front page tabloid layout.  Design of the paper is done by Steven Condemarin and Sarah Scott.

Tracy Johnson Novak, a former staff writer, took third place for her profile feature she wrote the previous semester on Jorge Riley.

Emily Rabasto, photo editor, received an honorable mention for her entry of a photo-story essay about the March in March rally.

Former Editior-in-Chief Josh Baumbach was awarded an honorable mention in the critical review contest for his review of the ARC production Sweeney Todd.

Taking part in the on-the-spot competitions, Korbl Klimecki received an honorable mention for his editorial cartoon about the keynote speaker of the event, Marcos Breton.

Overall it was a good day for the staff of The Current who look forward to another semester of writing and hope to win more awards at the state-wide JACC convention in March 2014.