Still no arrests in campus battery

Police Officer Boothe speaks with the two victims on May 1 on the American River College campus. The victims were not available for comment. Photo by Jonathan H. Ellyson

On Wednesday, May 1, two ARC students were the victims of a battery on campus. The physical assault took place on the east side of the Instructional Technology Center, according to the official Los Rios Police Department statement.

The Crime Bulletin states that two students were approached and attacked from behind by two adult male suspects. The suspects knocked the students down near the ITC. After the incident, the suspects fled toward the Kinesiology department. The students suffered minor injuries and no weapons were involved.

The bulletin describes the suspects as adult white males, weighing 170-180 pounds and being 5-feet-9-inches or 5-feet-10-inches; with brown hair, dark sunglasses, tank tops, and tennis shoes.

Anyone with information about this incident should call Campus Police at (916) 558-2221.

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1 Comment on "Still no arrests in campus battery"

  1. I was walking not too far in front of the two guys that were jumped. First I want to say it was not right that they were jumped. My friends and I saw these two who were jumped several days or weeks in a row doing extremely inappropriate things in the cafeteria. I don’t think it matters whether it’s a man and woman, 2 men, or 2 women, PDA, especially to that extreme, IS NOT OKAY. There were many people talking about it and they didn’t think it was right. I thought about going up to them and asking them to please go out to their car or somewhere private. But I didn’t, my friend and I left and then a few minutes later we heard yelling, walked back around the corner and saw those two guys on the ground. Like I said, they didn’t deserve to get beat up. In my opinion, they were begging for attention and it’s unfortunate for them, that’s what they got.
    ARC student

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