Back in Black

Lance Gawthrop and Lance Gawthrop

Helpful hints for surviving holiday sales

Imagine yourself standing in line outside of your neighborhood Wal-Mart, preparing yourself to purchase that low-priced LED TV you saw in the paper last week. You do this with a stomach stuffed with turkey because this year, stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target and Sears are opening at 8 p.m., turning that Thanksgiving dinner into more of a late lunch.

Since you’re standing in line, people tend to try and start conversations and get into your space. They tend to ask you questions like, “Hey, what are you here for?”

A nervous smile to appease the person in your space and a brief “I don’t know” will suffice.  In the back of your mind, we know there is not a desire to hold a conversation, so the Current has a survival guide for those long waits next to the people you don’t want to wait next to in those Black Friday lines.

First things first, it’s going to be cold, so make sure you button up. A thermal would be nice, along with a pullover sweater and topped off with a nice, warm jacket. A beanie could also be a possibility, but hand-warmers are a must.

If there is not going to be any company on your voyage, then earbuds are mandatory.  Even if you do not have an iPod or smartphone and if you don’t buy one of these things on Black Friday, wear earbuds anyway.  When wearing earbuds, people will think you are listening to music – even if you’re not. It gives you a chance to ignore others.

There have been reports about people getting out of hand in those Black Friday lines.  A stun-gun is a useful tool, just in case someone in line tries to cause trouble.

If energy is what you need for your device, then pack a portable solar panel that can be purchased on Amazon.  These micro solar panels are brilliant and will allow you to plug in your smart devices to maintain a steady charge, so that you can Facebook stalk as long as you want.

Bring along a self-help book that is filled with words of encouragement or download a Tai chi instrumental CD to keep you in good spirits – you’re going to need it to keep you calm while waiting.

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget your cash and credit card.  You can bank on the fact that there will be many things you would love to buy, so don’t forget extra cash for the upcoming holidays.