Seasonal jobs for the working student


UPS loading area

Alex Panasenko and Alex Panasenko

Companies in shipping, retail and volunteer work prepare for the holiday season, leading to opportunities for students

The holiday season is fast approaching and businesses are hiring for seasonal positions to meet their needs. This makes a great opportunity for college students to find a job, start a career or maybe move to a new field, and there are more choices than just retail.

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are hiring during holidays. Generally, positions are part-time and include Driver Helper and Package Handler.

What does it take? Being friendly. On the official website of UPS, the description of what it’s like to work at UPS often emphasizes delivering service with “warm smile, (and) a friendly greeting.” Also being “hardworking, collaborative, and entrepreneurial,” the website says when talking about what kind of people will fit right in.

Ski Resorts

If something outdoorsy is more to your liking, then apply with a ski resort; places like Heavenly are hiring for seasonal help. Shred some powder on your day off – what could be more fun?

What does it take? The company website describes the employees as enthusiastic, dependable, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and customer-oriented. The company gives the applicant the tools needed, listing tips on the website to help you do well during the interview. That includes: look sharp, be on time for the interview, do your research about the company, be prepared to provide information like phone numbers, display enthusiasm, listen during the interview, answer the question that are asked, be specific in your answers rather than giving many vague examples and don’t be afraid to ask questions and follow up after the interview.


No matter the season, volunteering is always an option, whether out of kindness of your heart or to meet the volunteering time quota.

“Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to make a difference in their community,” said Kelly Siefkin, communications director at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

“Individuals, along with families, school classes, offices and affinity groups can spend time assisting in six different programs including Food, Clothing, Adult Education, Parent Education, Youth Education and Senior. Outgoing volunteers who love interacting with clients can volunteer to be math tutors, and ESL instructors mentor a child or register clients to receive food or clothing.“

What does it take? “Great skills for potential volunteers include patience, public speaking and time management. Volunteers who speak languages in addition to English are a great benefit to the organization,” said Siefkin.

And the work is not without its rewards.

“Benefits for volunteering at SFBFS includes exposure to a non-profit environment, working outside, inside or in an office settinghelping plan and execute fundraising events, improving public speaking experience, connecting with other philanthropic minded individuals and making a difference in your community.”

If none of this is interesting, retail is always an option. Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Toys R Us, Macy’s, GameStop, Nordstrom and others are now hiring for seasonal jobs.