Antonio Maldonado, Club and Events Board President, pursues his dream at ARC

The American River College campus is a sea of diversity. Coming from many different social, political and ethnic backgrounds, students have different priorities on many things.

In order to represent the campus, the Associated Student Body also reflects this diversity. One such example is ASB Club and Events Board (CAEB) President Antonio Maldonado.

Maldonado helps to represent students by chairing the meetings and leading the way for CAEB. His position also gives him a vote in ASB senate as the voice of campus clubs.

Maldonado has been attending ARC since fall of 2010 and like other students his major is undeclared. Having gone to high school a few blocks from ARC, “the area is familiar,” said Maldonado.

Born in Mexico, Maldonado has been living in the United States since he was only a few months old. As an undocumented student in Sacramento, he found it difficult to find employment after high school, so he began serving the community volunteering with Western Service Workers. The choice to come to college was big step for him.

“As an undocumented student, I felt like I could not go to college,” Maldonado said. “It was this very big intimidation factor for me.”

Being a first generation college student, Maldonado did not turn to his parents for help with figuring his way through the process that is initial enrollment. Taking his own initiative, he came to the ARC campus and asked around to find out how to get the enrollment started.

Maldonado began working with CAEB last year as the Club Representative Whip. While working in the position, he felt like the “new kid on the block” in CAEB. When it was time for somebody to take charge, however, Maldonado was always willing to step up.

During the spring ASB elections, Maldonado was disappointed in the lack of people wanting to run for the position of CAEB President. He ran for the position unopposed and got ready to lead the many clubs and activities at ARC.

“The big factor was that no one wanted to step up to be CAEB President and that struck me as wrong,” Maldonado said. “Who wouldn’t want to put on activities for students at ARC?”

Maldonado is an active participate in the culture of ARC. Whether casting his vote to represent students in ASB Senate or playing around with the clubs on Club Day, Maldonado almost always wears a smile. As an undocumented AB540 student, he is working with the system put in place by the Dream Act to pursue his version of the American dream here at ARC.

“I am a dreamer,” Maldonado said.

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