The differences between CAEB, Student Senate and the other structures of ASB

Jeff Gonzales and Jeff Gonzales

The American River College Associated Student Body does a lot for the campus, from hosting events to speaking up for student needs.

In order to be able to handle the many needs of students, the way ASB is structured very important. But many people on campus don’t know about the ASB, let alone the different departments that are in place to support this structure.

The Campus Life Center is one part of this structure. Located in room 611 in the portable village, Campus Life employees help with many of the needs of ASB.

“We help facilitate (the ASB’s) initiatives,” said Campus Life Supervisor and ASB Advisor Tanika Byrd. Along with things such as bike locker rentals and holding a book of rental units near ARC, Campus Life supports ARC in many things along with ASB.

Another aspect of ASB is the Club and Events Board. Meeting weekly on Tuesdays at the Campus Life Center, CAEB officials are made up of a representative from each club as well as a president, vice president and secretary, the latter three having been elected by the student body.

In the CAEB meeting on Oct. 16, the clubs talked about their plans to make a fun and interactive club day.

“Senate and CAEB are equal first and foremost,” said ASB Senate President Quierra Robey. “Student Senate is the voice of the students, but CAEB brings life to the campus.”

ASB Student Senate is the body of ASB that is made up of people who were all elected by student votes or appointed by senate if the post was vacant. As representatives of the student body, ASB senate makes decisions that can affect everything from fees charged at registration to reviewing textbook affordability.

At the ASB Senate meeting on Oct. 11, representatives voted to approve a number of action items.

One such action was to demand a 10-year audit of its financial records to address the concerns of the budget crisis was approved. This is important to ASB senate and students because it will allow for more funds accountability in the future. After all, this is student money that the ASB uses.