Arrest made in ARC bike thefts case


Using designated areas to lock up bikes, U-shaped locks, and a 3/8-inch cable are important to deter thieves. (Photo by Daniel Romandia)

Sharon Styles and Sharon Styles

Suspect in custody as Los Rios PD works with outside agency in investigation, says LRPD Captain

In July, campus police working with an outside agency arrested a suspect for the rash of bicycle thefts on the ARC main campus.

“The suspect we are looking at in this case has been identified and was picked up on a different charge and is in custody, “ said Captain Chris Day of the Los Rios Police Department.

“We are working with the outside agency and the district attorney right now to add our crimes to that for prosecution. Since this person has been in custody our bike thefts have dropped dramatically.”

The suspect’s name is being withheld while the investigation is underway.

Day confirmed that the campus experienced a tremendous increase in bike thefts beginning in February.  Campus police increased patrols, had officers working undercover and worked with an outside agency. Thefts occurred throughout the campus, but according to Day, possibly more happened near Davies Hall due to the population of the area.

The arrest could prevent others students from experiencing the shock Daniel Brouns felt when he discovered his bike was gone. Brouns, a May 2012 graduate, had his bike stolen from the rack near the theatre and music building.

“It was kind of…. didn’t feel real. Like, you gotta be kidding me,” said Brouns. “My previous bike was stolen from my house a few weeks before. I had a lock on the bike, but in the rush on my way to class, maybe the lock didn’t click fully.”

Captain Day said there is no way to guarantee your bike will not be stolen, but if the person can be deterred or slowed down long enough for an officer to make an arrest it would help tremendously.  If you can, use a double lock with 3/8 inch cable and U-shape lock; any removable equipment such as gloves and helmets should be taken to class with you; park in a well-lit area; use bike racks to stabilize and support the bike; park in public areas and be aware.

Police continue to stay alert to all crime on campus with officers on constant foot and bicycle patrol. Security cameras in the parking lots also record activities at some of the bike racks.  These security cameras are constantly viewed by dispatch.  In addition, Day is working with Public Information Office Stephen Peithman to place a bicycle theft prevention video on the ARC Facebook page. Day also encourages students to stop by the police office for flyers and safety tips.

“For us being as large a campus as we are, it’s a pretty safe campus,” said Day.