BOG Waiver causes confusion for Associated Student Body

One-dollar ASB representation fee issue for March in March, other ARC campus events

Chaos and confusion seemed to abound at the Associated Student Body meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13.

While gearing up for the new semester and doing basic housekeeping for the ASB, Student Body President Quierra Robey made a discovery that could impact many of the students here at American River College.

ARC students who are eligible for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver have not been required to pay the $1 ASB representation fee.

With a lower number of students paying these fees, a concern has come up that could have an effect on many of the traditional events that ARC participates in.

“We have approximately $13,000 in the representation fee account,” Robey said. “We’re used to around $30,000 to $40,000.”

Events such as the annual March in March that help create the culture of ARC typically cost more than the entire budget that is supposed to last for the duration of the year.

Depending on how the ASB decides to work with this development, the senate may take a motion to the Los Rios Community College District to start charging these fees.

“I would be totally willing to pay,” said ARC fashion major and BOGW eligible student Kristen Schierenberg. “I understand for some students (a dollar) is a big deal, but for some of us it’s not.”

Not all students receiving the waiver agree.

“I really would not want to pay,’ said Octaviana Bradford, an ARC student whose major is undeclared. “I feel like a dollar each is not going to make a difference with all the cuts going.”

Many students also do not realize that they can opt out of paying the representation fee based on religious, political, or financial needs and beliefs.

However, without voices from the general public present at ASB meetings, the senate will be voting on many things over the course of the school year that could impact many of the most financially challenged of students. If students want to make their voices heard the ASB meets every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. until noon in the Campus Life Center in the portable village.

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