Community colleges’ chancellor to retire

Carla Manes and Carla Manes

Dr. Jack Scott, chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the largest higher education system in the nation, announced he will be retiring on Sept. 1. For the past 58 years, Scott has dedicated his career to public service and higher education and worked to convince California to invest in programs geared toward student success.

Prior to being elected chancellor in May 2008, Scott served in the senate as a democratic legislator. During his senate term, Scott authored 146 bills that were signed into law, some which were very important to community colleges.  Scott said he hadn’t planned on a career in politics, but he “wanted to stick up for higher education at the highest level.”

In a statement sent to community colleges statewide, Scott said, “I have greatly enjoyed my work since becoming chancellor on Jan. 1, 2009. It is true that it has been a tough time for community colleges because of the financial difficulties of the state of California. But I have been received warmly in Sacramento and on college campuses by trustees, faculty, staff, administrators, and students. I have proudly represented our colleges before the legislature, the governor, and many other audiences.”

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