Los Rios to decide if athletes get registration priority


With budget cuts taking effect, it is more difficult than ever for students to register for the classes they need. Currently, priority registration is given to students that maintain the most units with the exception of Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and veterans.

The Los Rios Community College District is discussing the possibility of adding a level of priority registration for student athletes. According to the California Community College Athletic Association, students may only participate in two seasons of a sport and must be a full time student in order to compete. This time restraint makes it pertinent that athletes fulfill all requirements to transfer within a two-year window. Being waitlisted, not able to add a particular class, or not able to enroll in enough units they need may jeopardize their future academic or athletic career.

Football player and ARC student Antonio Bumpers feels the pressure of getting into classes. He has been waitlisted in the past and doesn’t have room for any extra stress during the semester. He spends approximately “40 hours a week in practice,” alone. “I think we should (have priority registration) because of the commitment we make to this school. We also have to coordinate our class times with our schedules which is difficult,” said Bumpers. He plans to transfer to either Boise State University or Washington State University and needs an Associate in Arts degree in hand, not just general education transfer units. Because of this, it is important that he gets into the classes he needs.

Student athletes are currently required to maintain at least a 2.0 grade-point average. According to the student personnel assistant for the Athletic Support Center, Frankie Johnson, in the near future the minimum G.P.A. requirement will be 2.5. This provides a guarantee that these students are not just taking up space in the classroom or are simply enrolled to play their sport. They have to do the work and continue to show up to class. Priority registration would just ensure a seat in the classes they need rather than playing the waiting game to see who will be a no-show just a month after the start of the semester.

If approved, not only will ARC student athletes receive priority registration, but all athletes in the district. There are approximately 450 student athletes on this campus who are trying to finish their school in a strict 2-year window. The matriculation committee has been discussing the matter and it will be taken to a vote on Feb. 27.

Johnson said if the matriculation committee approves the priority registration, it will go into effect shortly after, and hopes it would start to help student athletes as soon as next semester. According to Johnson, “It has made it past the biggest hurdle,” and as “an issue that we have been concerned (with) for a long period of time … it is a long time coming.”


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