Parking Dos and Dont’s

Driving around in circles looking for an available parking spot could feel a lot like playing musical chairs. Fueled by an obsessive amount of iced coffee, many students become racecar drivers busting U-turns and speeding to get an empty spot, leaving the less determined to frantically search off campus. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one having a panic attack before noon. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to help you find parking without getting a ticket.


Do defriend the snooze button.

Let’s face it; ten extra minutes of “precious” sleeping time is not making a difference. Wake up early and give yourself at least 30 minutes to search for parking.

Do look for signs. 

The fastest way to earn a ticket is to park where you don’t belong.

Watch for these parking restrictions around campus: no parking, staff parking, red zones, permit-only and fire hydrants.

Do drive in the correct lane.

Don’t mess up the flow of traffic just because you see a parking spot in the corner of your eye.

Do bike, bus or carpool.

Bike off that Sausage McMuffin with Egg you scarfed down this morning or be green by taking the bus or carpooling. Plus, green looks really good on you anyway.

Do buy a semester parking permit.

You can even buy a daily permit for a dollar.

Either way, never go without one unless you like surprises. 


Don’t try to fool the cops.

Some students like to get creative and display a previous parking ticket on their windshield making it look like they have already received a ticket that day.

Pretty smart, but if caught you can count on a pretty big ticket.

Don’t be a creeper. 

You might get away with it on Facebook, but following students to their cars and creeping around the corners is weird. Don’t be a parking lot creeper.

Don’t park on Sycamore Avenue off of Orange Grove Avenue and River College Drive. 

Crazy neighbor alert! Stay away from both streets; they have a hardcore neighborhood watch system. Park here without a neighborhood permit and you will get a ticket.

Don’t Speed.

Leave the “Grand Theft Auto” attitude at home.

Don’t get mad.

Yes, we know how frustrating it can be watching the time go by while wasting your week’s worth of gas but remember stay calm, focus, and have your favorite Pandora station on to calm the nerves.

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