Free flu vacination clinic to be held Feb. 1


Daniel Romandia

Yelema Kisel, left, prepares to bandage Titus King, a mortuary science major, after receiving a flu vaccine.

Alex Mecredy and Alex Mecredy

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, American River College will be offering free flu shots to all students, faculty members and staff. The clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 612 of the Portable Villages.

In the past, the flu shot has been available for the price of $20. This semester is the first time the immunizations are being offered free of charge by the Sacramento County. A vaccine information statement provided by ARC’s nurse Robyn Huetter notes, “In more recent seasons most infections have occurred in January and February.”

For those who do not prefer to get the shot, a nasal spray will also be made available. According to Huetter, the nasal spray “is not any less effective.” This form of the vaccine is available to anyone between the ages of 2 and 49.

Getting the flu shot now could provide protection for up to one year according to the statement. The only people recommended to not get the vaccination are individuals who are pregnant and those with extraordinary health conditions.

In addition to the flu vaccination, the Tdap, a tuberculosis vaccine, will also be available at the clinic. For those who do not have insurance, the Tdap will also be free.

Simply being on campus surrounded by other people increases the risk of getting the flu. Huetter said it best by asking students “Do you have time to be sick?”