ASB president optimistic about past and future changes

The American River College Associated Student Body under the head of Craig Bundy has seen a growth in student participation in their shared governance at ARC. A popular petition has been passed around to ban smoking on campus. The conflict with the food service that began last semester has spilled over into this one. Craig Bundy sat down with The Current to answer a few questions pertaining to his leadership of ASB and a few of the accomplishments he has been able to push through the current session.

Current: What are the biggest accomplishments you and ASB have gotten through this semester?

We formalized the Food Service Committee so students can voice concerns for the campus’ food service. This committee is open to students and faculty alike to voice their concerns.

We also set up a Financial Aid Advisory Committee to help iron out how students get their financial aid, and voice concerns about it. Students can make recommendations, and get them passed through, giving the student body directive. It has also given the ASB a concerned way to talk to lawmakers to affect change.

What are some of the things you hope to accomplish before your term ends?

Recycling. We really want to pursue grants to get a recycling initiative going on campus, as well as make a concerned effort towards campus beautification.

I also want to get bylaws written for ASB so that ASB can operate better.

Any plan to increase voter turnout?

If I knew the easy fix I would have done it by now. I suppose we could try and publicize it sooner but we’re not allowed to campaign more than two weeks before. People get campaign fatigue though.

There’s a popular petition going around campus to make ARC a smoke-free campus. Do you support this measure?

I support the sentiment. I just don’t know how it can be implemented. I applaud the student for setting it up; she’s made people take a serious look at an issue. As far as a smoke-free campus, I think that’s an extreme. I think there’s a middle ground to make everyone happy. But having a petition out there, it forces people to have that conversation.

Anything else you’d like to tell the student body?

Come by Campus Life; let yourself be heard. The fact that students are standing up for their rights in shared governance is a positive thing. It’s beneficial for them to get involved. It helps them develop the skill sets for how to work with a bureaucracy. It’s not glamorous but it helps affect change.

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