Career Fair helps students get a foothold in working world

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

Career Fair at American River College, held on Oct. 6 in the Liberal Arts breezeways, had 46 employers attending the event. Career Fair is held in order to help students search for jobs and get them into the working world.

Representatives from the different companies come to campus to help explain to students on how to get a job and answer any questions that they have. When coming to the Career Fair, students should ask lots of questions like what the career entails and how to apply. Also they should know about the company before they come to ask about job openings.

Some of the companies that are hiring include California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, Verizon Wireless, Sears and Union Pacific. Most applications can be found online and students should apply three months before they plan to work.

Martin Dixon, a mechanical engineering major at ARC, doesn’t currently have a job. He said that Career Fair is helpful because it helps him to find a good job. “So far since last year I have applied to three places. I applied to Apple Inc., a position at a grocery store and Kragen’s Auto Parts store,” Dixon said.