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No ‘Butts’ About It

Kate Clark watches 18-year-old music major Igor Vnydyuk sign her petition to make American River College a smoke-free campus on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2011. (Photo by Shanel Royal)

Sarah Vorn and Sarah Vorn

October 12, 2011

Kate Clark doesn’t like secondhand smoke and all the cigarette butts littering the ground, so she’s doing something about it. The 18-year-old freshman at American River College has been making her rounds on campus collecting signatures from students and faculties in support of her petition for a...

Our campus gladly shows nudity, but bars bad words

Philip Frields and Phillip Frields

October 12, 2011

Men can openly peruse around in their birthday suits in “Full Monty” for what will probably be hundreds upon hundreds of people in attendance at American River College’s Theater. Café Noire, on the other hand, has decided to censor its open mic night held every third Thursday of the month,...

A Big Deal in a Little Package

Eight-year-old Tanishq Abraham takes notes in his physical geology class taught by Professor Stephen Sterling on Oct. 5, 2011. (Photo by Bryce Fraser)

Sarah Vorn and Sarah Vorn

October 12, 2011

He went to class that evening dressed for the occasion: a white T-shirt with a Triceratop skull on it. Laser pointer in hand, Tanishq Abraham stood in front of the room. He shuffled from foot to foot as the professor loaded up his PowerPoint of the “Mystery of Dinosaur Extinction.” The excitement...

Video Slideshow: Gatsby a service dog’s story

Chuck Livingston

October 5, 2011

ARC’s archery: Relaxing sport, lethal weapons

Chelsea Elledge shooting a historical Mongol Horse Bow. (Photo by Chuck Livingston)

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

September 28, 2011

He stepped up to the white line and drew his bow. He lined his arrow up with the target, aimed, and sent his arrow soaring through the air. Archery is about accuracy and is the art of working with bows and arrows, shooting targets and is considered a competitive Olympic sport. Bows and arrows are...

From canine to caretaker

Jennie Nickel walks Clement, a puppy in training for a guide dog program, through the ARC campus. (Photo by Bryce Fraser)

Mallissa Rogers and Malissa Rogers

September 28, 2011

Trying to manage the life of an American River College student can be next to impossible. Juggling classes, jobs, relationships, and other daily activities can be pretty overwhelming. Some students have to manage all of that plus need the support of a service animal to get them through their everyday...

‘Open Mic’ continues to have a rockin’ success

Demetric Good and Demetric Good

September 28, 2011

New and returning students, faculty, school representatives, and performers filled the hallways at American River College on Sept. 17, 2011. As the music started, people crowded around the stage set up in the Rose Marks Pavilion. Performers awaited their name to be called from the list, ready to show...

Students get ‘bugged out’ in Horticulture class

Students get 'bugged out' in Horticulture class

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

September 14, 2011

Horticulture classes promise a fun experience and the gain of real-life skills Horticulture finds a stable position in today’s unstable job market and suddenly the major looks much more enticing to ARC students. Many crazy things have been seen on American River College’s campus and these days...

What’s App-ening

What's App-ening

Tonisha Barnes and Tonisha Barnes

September 14, 2011

Student 1: Do you have a scientific calculator? I forgot mine at home today. Student 2:  You know that they have an app for that, right? Student 1:  Wow! They do? There is an app for everything. Not so long ago, personal computers were for laps and desktops, and calculators were the only hand-held...

Longboarding trend is back with a vengeance

Michael Mercado and Michael Mercado

September 14, 2011

The longboard, a long-standing form of personal transportation, is becoming more and more popular across the United States; and has found a niche here at ARC. Their numbers are growing. They can be seen almost anywhere in Sacramento. They roll down the street in your neighborhoods and through the...

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