Hand to God

As far as Republicans go, I can’t imagine a group I disagree with more, except for perhaps Nickelback fans or people who watch The Voice….

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The kids are alright

Lazy, non-contributing, entitled, shameless: all adjectives used to describe the current batch (and every batch since Aristotle) of 18-25 year olds. In light of the…

Download This

There’s a joke that says musicians can make more money selling CDs out the back of their car than they can through the music industry….

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How consumerism stole Christmas

Let’s get straight to the facts; America is suffering from the “Big C.” No, not cancer–consumerism, and with the current state of the economy and…

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Ways to handle the holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, you may have many feelings going into it.  Stress, sadness, regret, maybe even anger (you’ll see anger a…

America’s love affair with socialism

I wish I knew how to quit you: America’s rollercoaster relationship with Socialism I was watching Woody Allen’s romantic comedy classic Annie Hall. I used…

True intentions of compliments

The week’s column is dedicated to the ladies. Your crowned Prince of Pessimism returns this week to inform one and all about the true nature…

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Video games’ bad reputation unmerrited

Video games are always a target for controversy, especially on the 24-hour news networks. When Fox News is short on “Obama bad, Mitt Romney good”…