Theater Movement final turns performance

Many students dread the week of finals with its hours of studying and awkward class hours. However, some class finals aren’t as dreadful as others….

You will shiver with antici…(say it!) …pation!

It was astounding. Time was fleeting. Madness truly took control. Green Valley Theatre presents their fifth production of Richard O’Brien’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (RHPS)….

“ARC’s Hairspray is loud and proud”

As Wilbur Turnblad (played by Keith Riedell) says to his daughter Tracy, “You gotta think big to be big.” And big might be an understatement….

The Nicest Kids in Town

Behind the scenes of the upcoming school musical Most people have seen “Hairspray,” the well-received 2007 musical film centered on Tracy Turnblad, a young girl…

Good morning American River

Director discusses theater department’s upcoming performance Last week staff writer Kameron Schmid interviewed Sam Williams, the director of ARC’s upcoming fall musical, “Hairspray.” Williams has…

No Picture

2013 Summer Activities

In the words of the always eloquent Alice Cooper, “School’s out for summer.” Though, for most of us, it isn’t yet “out forever,” nor has…

An extravagant action adventure

American River College’s Production of  “The Three Musketeers” is impressive. The show has many unique aspects that make it worth seeing for every demographic. With…