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‘Gears of War’ series saves the best for last

'Gears of War' series saves the best for last

Josh Baumbach and Josh Baumbach

September 28, 2011

Marcus Fenix approaches the glowing Lambent apprehensively, revving his chainsaw. Right as he goes for the kill, a bigger enemy crushes the Lambent. It’s this explosive action and constant threat of the world ending that makes “Gears of War 3” a satisfying conclusion to the series. Most people...

Math prof. writes about feuding family

American River College math professor Anthony Barcellos sits with his book

Daniel Clark and Daniel Clark

September 28, 2011

It began with a thought, which evolved into an idea, which became a book, titled “Land of Milk and Money,” written by Anthony Barcellos, an American River College math professor of 24 years. The book, which details his Portuguese family’s feud over who inherited the lucrative family milk farm in...

ARC Presents: ‘Full Monty’

From left to right: Omba Kipuke, Owen Smith, James Shimp and John Farnsworth rehearse for the upcoming play

Tonisha Barnes and Tonisha Barnes

September 28, 2011

Labor issues, unemployment, relationships, and body image are all issues that characters deal with in the American River College production “The Full Monty” opening Oct. 7. If you’re wondering if “The Full Monty” is a spin-off of the very successful 1997 British film, the answer is yes....

Pro wrestling lives again

Ron Ruffio, a professional wrestler for the TWF, holds his bats wrapped with barbed wire and wears a barbed wire crown. (Photo by Bryce Fraser)

Philip Frields and Phillip Frields

September 28, 2011

The air was cool outside the Colonial Theater that Saturday morning. Fond memories of Hulk Hogan lifting Andre the Giant brought the only smile I'd have on my face this day. It was one of Total Wrestling Federation's live shows on the marquee for the evening, shows that can typically gather from 150...

Vile, Vulgar, and Personal: Red State is Kevin Smith’s latest masterpiece

Andrew Scott Ramsey and Andrew Scott Ramsey

September 19, 2011

When the credits for Kevin Smith’s new film “Red State” began to roll, my mind recalled a line of dialogue from Smith’s 1997 film “Chasing Amy.” Holden has walked up to Alyssa and handed her his new comic book, which accounts the story of their lost love. She looks at him somberly, he looks...

Taylor Swift impresses Sacramento audiences

Taylor Swift entertaining her fans on her

Mark Lewis and Mark Lewis

September 14, 2011

The singer-songwriter, more popular now than ever before, has big expectations to live up to on her “Speak Now” tour. Taylor Swift brought her 2011 “Speak Now” tour to a sold-out Power Balance Pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 3, leaving no stone unturned in a two-hour performance. Explosions, pyro...

Hollywood hates Kevin Smith

Andrew Scott Ramsey and Andrew Scott Ramsey

September 14, 2011

With his new film “Red State,” Smith continues to march to the beat of his own drummer, buying his distribution rights for his own film, allowing him to decide exactly when and where “State” will be released. With Smith detractors stating that Smith is “imploding his career” by his D.I.Y....

Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter IV’ fails to impress

Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' fails to impress

Josh Baumbach and Josh Baumbach

September 14, 2011

Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter” album series has garnered much critical and commercial success since part one released in 2004. Can “Tha Carter IV” live up to its predecessors? In short: no. While “Tha Carter IV” will undoubtedly sell like hotcakes, the lyrical content is mostly elementary....

Anticipated ‘Dead Island’ comes with faults

Anticipated 'Dead Island' comes with faults

Daniel Clark and Daniel Clark

September 14, 2011

By Daniel Clark The new zombie-themed video game rolled around just in time, but will it fulfill players’ expectations? With Halloween just around the corner, ghosts and goblins are expected to be running about. But thanks to “Dead Island,” a first-person action role-playing game about zombi...

‘Contagion’ exhibits a chilling realism

'Contagion' exhibits a chilling realism

Phillip Frields and Phillip Frields

September 14, 2011

You embrace a stranger for a picture to go in their scrapbook; you wait tables and pick up after someone when they leave; you help someone off the ground, and then proceed to itch near your eye. Congratulations, you just caught one of the nastiest flu viruses ever and have about 48 hours to live. Or...

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