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“Warm Bodies” breaks dawn for supernatural romance

Jared Thornburg and Jared Thornburg

February 1, 2013

“Warm Bodies” has something for everyone. Films like “Twilight” have made the vampire out to be a fantasy that all women want to be a part of. This movie, based off a book of the same name written by Isaac Marion, doesn’t try and romanticize a fictional horror movie monster. The movie is...

ARC Restaurant Map

ARC Restaurant Map

Korbl Klimecki and Korbl Klimecki

January 29, 2013

On campus and want to know where to eat? Above is a google map of restaurants in the area, and a few others reviewed by the Current. Click the hyperlinks to see our reviews! American River College Subway Starbucks Java City Oak Cafe and other places to get food all available on campus. ...

Matisyahu fuses religion with reggae with show at Ace of Spades

Bryce Fraser and Lance Gawthrop

December 10, 2012

The Ace of Spades is known for hosting all styles of music, but not so much of Reggae-style Jewish worship music. It can only be Matisyahu playing at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, Calif. on Oct. 16. The crowd responded very well to the Constellations, the electronic-punk-rock band that opened up...

Flaming Grill Cafe gets wild

The wild board cafe burger served on a ciabatta roll with a side of garlic fries on Nov. 24. (Photo by Daniel Romandia)

Daniel Romandia and Daniel Romandia

December 5, 2012

Wild boar, lion and python among choices at burger restaurant on El Camino Avenue It happens often: you're in the mood for a burger, but you happen to feel like Teddy Roosevelt and want to be a little more adventurous. No, you won't be hunting for any antelope or wild boar, but there is a place ...

Lydia vocalist sits down with the Current after indie band’s show in San Francisco

Alisha Kirby and Alisha Kirby

December 5, 2012

What was originally advertised as an acoustic show turned out to be anything but as Lydia took the stage to a sold out crowd at Café Du Nord in San Francisco on Nov. 14. While Sweet Talker, the opening act, did play an entirely acoustic set (which included a lovely cover of “Hallelujah”), the headliners...

‘PlayStation All-Stars’ is fun free-for-all fighter fueled by nostalgia

‘PlayStation All-Stars’ is fun free-for-all fighter fueled by nostalgia

Garrit Rocha and Garrit Rocha

December 5, 2012

“PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale” is Sony's attempt at making a mascot-beat-‘em-up in the same vein as Nintendo's “Super Smash Bros.” series. With an interesting roster and polished game-play, Sony has managed to create an All-Star fighting game that competes with Nintendo's. Featuring...

In Our Heads – Cintia Lopez

Cintia Lopez and Cintia Lopez

December 5, 2012

TV: “Bones” –  “Bones” is filled with murders, love, humor and drama. It follows Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth as they solve murders and bring back identities to the bones left over from horrendous murders. Every new episode is always the best part of my Monday nights. ...

ARC Theatre’s ‘Domestic Crusaders’ tackles post-9/11 issues with humor and intensity

Sergio Portela and Sergio Portela

December 1, 2012

American River College Theatre’s production of “The Domestic Crusaders,” directed by Sam Williams and written by Wajahat Ali, is a hilarious and at times intense play as they get into issues of racism, feminism, terrorism and what is expected of the family in their community.  Although the topics...

Gaming is serious business: ‘Starcraft’ and the phenomenon of ‘eSports’

Michael Pacheco and Michael Pacheco

November 27, 2012

What fascinates me most about people is that we always find a way to make something competitive, and they come in all different activities in various scales of popularity and stakes. In this day and age, one of the more increasingly popular pastimes in this past decade is the phenomenon known as “eSports,”...

‘Life of Pi’ takes the cake with amazing 3D effects

‘Life of Pi’ takes the cake with amazing 3D effects

Mayra Sanchez and Mayra Sanchez

November 26, 2012

Far from any Rudyard Kipling story, “Life of Pi” is a heart-warming film about a young boy named Pi who loses his family in a shipwreck. With little-to-no survival skills, Pi is left with only a few items to keep him alive. Lost at sea, he soon realizes he is not the only survivor. He is accompanied...

Head to Head: Disney Purchase of LucasFilms

Not too long ago, in or very own galaxy, a $4 billion dollar deal is causing discord among fans. (Photo illustration by Daniel Romandia)

Jeff Gonzales, Josh Baumbach, and Garrit Rocha

November 25, 2012

CON When Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion, the news hit me like a rushing Rancor. I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, George Lucas has had a presence within Disney for many years now. Just ask anyone who has ridden the “Indiana Jones” ride or attended the Jedi Training Aca...

Puerto Rico tries to succeed while others try to secede

Carlos Guerrero and Carlos Guerrero

November 21, 2012

Puerto Rico could become the 51st state of the United States, possibly leaving Guam and the Philippines to wonder, “Damn, that could have been us.” The U.S. hasn’t allowed a state to join since Hawaii. That’s almost 50 years of nobody getting in. It is necessary for two-thirds of the U.S....

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