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Alum demonstrates 3D software at ARC

Former animation student Jonathan Camacho, now a professional 3D Animator and modeler, demonstrates for Art New Media students. Here the students watched this geometric shaped animal transform as he pulled out claws and horns on the monster.  He textured the model with available brushes already built it Zbrush and what emerged was a complete 3D monster.

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

May 5, 2015

American River College alumn Jonathan Camacho, a 3D animation major who was in professor Matt Stoher’s 3D animation class, came to campus to demonstrate modeling software to art new media students. Camacho is a 3D and 2D gaming artist from Sacramento with more than four years of experience working...

Professional photographic artist speaks at ARC at the Art New Media Series 2015

Hererra's Gum Bichromate prints called

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

May 1, 2015

Dan Herrera, an adjunct professor at American River College, was the second speaker of the 2015 Art New Media Series. Herrera took his viewers through a narrative, a futuristic and nostalgic world in the Liberal Arts Building room 127 on April 23. Herrera teaches art and design classes that feature...

Opinion: Statway can help students struggling in math

The quadratic formula, pictured, is essential in solving quadratic equations.  It is a prominent focus of study for students enrolled in Math 120.

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

April 23, 2015

In my past couple years at American River College, I can’t count how many students I’ve met that tell me how how hard the Math 120 class is on campus. A better way for students who have trouble passing Math 120 to move on in their education would be to take Statway classes. Whether it’s Math...

Art new media students will have an opportunity to showcase their work on campus

Digital art created using photoshop  by Julia Matsakyan an Art New Media student studying 3D art. Matsakyan's piece is called 'Butterfly Eye'.  Matsakyan submitted her work for the recent Art New Media Gallery show in the Library on March 19th.

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

March 17, 2015

Art new media students will have the opportunity to have their work showcased on the library stairwell on the American River College campus March 19 at 2:00 p.m. Fine art student Bianca Bastida, is spearheading the event and has encouraged art students to frame their work. “Art new media students...

Peer coaching assists disabled students

Suzette Brand(left), proctor in the DSP&S department looks on as Irina Li,(middle) Peer couch and also an ARC student volunteer, helping a student with her studies.

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

March 17, 2015

A new program in the Disabled Student Programs and Services Department, or DSPS, is looking for students to volunteer to assist handicapped students with their school work. The Peer Coaching Development Program, located inside the DSPS building at the north entrance of the Student Services building,...

Oak Cafe set to re-open Feb. 11

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

February 9, 2015

The American River College Oak Cafe will be re-opening on Feb. 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that the campus is not closed. “We will have a new menu every week,” J.D. Skidmore, an instructional aide and dining room manager, said. Culinary students come up...

PG&E announces launch of 2015 Bright Minds Scholarship Program

ARC student Amia Tisdale logs on the PG&E website to apply for their PG&E Bright MindsT Scholarship program.

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

February 4, 2015

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) set up a mobile command center truck outside American River College Tuesday so that students would have the opportunity to fill out applications for the Bright Minds Scholarship program. PG&E will award scholarships to enable high school, community college and...

ARC Culinary Arts Donor Reception a Success

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

February 3, 2015

A donor reception thanking the community for their help with building the new culinary education building was put on by the American River College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management department Thursday. The reception began with speeches from ARC President Thomas Greene, Los Rios trustee Debra...

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