Articles by Mark Lewis

Trapt’s rock not enough to set you free

Trapt, the veteran hard-rock band from Los Gatos, returned to The Boardwalk (Orangevale’s sole intimate venue for live music enthusiasts) to deliver a pulse pounding…

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We Bought a Zoo

Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo” is an inspired film with earnest emotion that’s not schmaltzy, visually striking production values and superb acting throughout a…

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Cosby’s memoir falls flat

Every single time I mention the name “Bill Cosby” to an acquaintance or close friend – I get these ridiculously bad impressions of them channeling…

Sugarland show leaves a lot to be desired

In the midst of their “The Incredible Machine” cross-country mega-tour, the normally vivacious country mega-stars Sugarland shuffled onto Sacramento’s Raley Field on Aug. 25, 2011….