Articles by Jessica Maynard

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Building bonds key for internships

An unpaid internship with the Sacramento Monarchs provided Scott Freshour with the skills he needed to become a full-time employee as the Sacramento Kings’ emcee….

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ARC swimming teams full of standouts

Swimming may be seen to some as an activity and not a sport, but for American River College men’s and women’s swim teams you get…

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Softball pitching coming to form

“You throw like a girl!” This used to be one of the worst insults a player could hear, but not anymore. American River College softball…

Five top sports bars in Sacramento

Regardless of the numerous advancements in home entertainment over the years, there’s something sacred about going to a sports bar to watch the biggest events…

Softball team looks for hot start

With spring around the corner, the American River College softball team prepares for a season of redemption. The team looks to build upon their strong…

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Pitching woes early concerns

As the American River College baseball season begins, the team looks to build upon last season’s power-hitting performance and solve their pitching troubles. For the…