“Jump In and Sing” workshop offers students a place to perform

Are you a singer looking for feedback and an opportunity to network with others?


In August 2019, students gather for the Jump in and Sing workshop ran by American River College Professor Catherine Fagiolo. In spring 2021, Jump in and Sing continues virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo Courtesy of Catherine Fagiolo)

Cynsere Kelly, Staff Writer

Are there any aspiring singing artists looking for a space to receive great insight and critique for the craft? For American River College singers who’ve yet to share their talents, now there’s a program that could be the start they need. 

Jump in and Sing is a musical arts workshop that meets once a month on Zoom and is run by ARC music professor Catherine Fagiolo.   

Fagiolo also heads the Community of Voices club on campus, which is separate from the workshops. 

“The workshop is a place for students to practice singing and performing their songs in a supportive environment,” Fagiolo said.  

Fagiolo says she feels supportive environments will benefit the singers.

“It’s essentially a proving ground for singers before they commit to public performance,” Fagiolo said.

Fagiolo says she created the workshops to help with the anxiety that comes with performing in front of a crowd. 

“Singers need a place to perform and to test out their preparation of songs before they commit to public performance,” Fagiolo said. 

Fagiolo said students don’t need to try out in order to join the club. 

“Jump in and Sing is open to all members of the ARC community, we meet once a month and there are no auditions,” Fagiolo said. 

Fagiolo shared what genres of music her current students enjoy singing. 

“My students enjoy K-Pop, Folk, and most of the time, musical theater music,” Fagiolo said.

Fagiolo explained that the process requires students to contact her ahead of time.

“Students should let me know beforehand what they were performing and if any equipment would be involved ahead of time,” Fagiolo said. 

Fagiolo offered the advice she gives to inspire prospective students who are interested in joining her workshop. 

“Share your music as it’s developing, come to Jump in and Sing and perform your song … You will learn a great deal about your current level of performing and you will get ideas on how to improve your singing,” Fagiolo said. 

Fagiolo also explained one final benefit that comes with joining the workshops. 

“You’ll get to hear how much you have in common with other singers who are also preparing songs because the fundamental work of singing remains the same no matter the genre of music,” Fagiolo said.  

 For more information regarding the workshops and the Zoom link to the sessions contact Fagiolo at [email protected]