Art club hosts book sale


Some of the books on sale by the American River College art club on Oct. 21 (Photo by Lidiya Grib)

Lidiya Grib

Literature and art come together during the American River College art book sale in the Kaneko Gallery on Friday.

The art club is selling many art literature books to support their activities, events and other needed funding.

“The funds go to benefit events and activities such as the Second Saturday booth and the paints and canvases we use,” said art club member and artist Brad Carps.

The art club is encouraging students of all majors to come by and check out the art books.

Many of the books are filled with art images and history that can be appreciated not just by art students.

The books are priced around five dollars and under, depending on how much students are willing to pay, according to Blanca Bastida, the art club president.

Most of these books, which were donated by the art department, have been accumulated over the years and were originally very expensive.

Some of the books on sale by the American River College art club on Oct. 21 (Photo by Lidiya Grib)
Some of the books on sale by the American River College art club on Oct. 21 (Photo by Lidiya Grib)

Shara Pool, an art student who takes part in running the Kaneko Gallery, talked about the large selection of art books they have.

“Textbook companies give textbooks to professors, hoping that students will use their books and a lot of the professors end up with an excess of books that they won’t use,” Pool said.

Some of the particular books are: “Art in America,”  “Art of the Western World,” “Contemporary Art” and “The Story of Art” for anyone who wants to learn about art and art history.

Some other art books are “We Create ART Creates Us,” “The Creative Impulse: An Intro to the Arts,” “Asian Decorative Arts,” “Rome the Holy City,” “Art International” and many other books.

To find out about other interesting art books that the art club is selling, visit the Kaneko Gallery on the date of the book sale, or earlier for a sneak peak into what they are selling.

“I picked up a book on sculpture and kinetic art, which was something I was planning on getting into,” said artist Brad Carps.

Anyone interested in buying art books are also welcome to come before or after the book sale if it would be more convenient.

Another event that the Kaneko Gallery will also be hosting is an exhibition of local artists, Ken Hendrickson and Linda Fitz Gibbon.

This showcase will begin the day before the book sale and end Nov. 10.

To learn more about the showcase, visit the Kaneko Gallery.

Other events and activities that are held by the art club can be found on their facebook page, “the Art Club at ARC”.