The theater program debuts comical play ‘The Foreigner’


(From left to right) Sarah Townsend, Tommy Anderson, Micah Smith, and Vannah Nettel rehearse for The Foreigner. (Photo by Timothy Lipuma)

Allante Morris

The American River College theater program debuted ‘The Foreigner’, a comedic play in which two guests at a lodge put on a ruse pretending one of them cannot speak English, at the American River College Theatre on Friday.

Micah Smith, who plays protagonist Charlie Baker in ‘The Foreigner’, said “I believe to be a great actor it takes time and dedication.”

Charlie Baker starts out as a mundane man who unintentionally goes along with Sgt. Froggy LeSueur, his more outgoing friend, and pretends to be foreign and unable to understand English.

Throughout his life, Baker has a hard time communicating with people, but once he becomes ‘the Foreigner’ he seems to develop a personality.

The play ‘The Foreigner’ is a comedy but has some deeper life lessons throughout the story.

The show displays a comical feel with intentional puns while also displaying real life morals.

The play is based on a man who is coming out of his shell and exposing those who are untrue to themselves.

When asked how the night turned out, ARC theater director Nancy Silva said “I believe it went great and the students did very well, they worked very hard for seven weeks straight.”

ARC students Carson Morris and Brenden Brazell, stage manager and stage crew respectively, shared their thoughts on the night.

Morris said “it’s a hard show to put on due to the fact we’re dealing with real food, so food safety is a big issue.”

Brazell shared his thoughts on his favorite part of the show and the things he is most proud of.

“I’m proud that everyone was getting all of the jokes,” Brazell said.

The play will run from Feb. 26 to Mar. 6 at the American River College Theatre.

For additional information, contact the theater program or visit the department.