ARC music department holds voice clinic

Professor Catherine Fagiolo gives a lecture to American River College students during a voice clinic. The voice clinic was a workshop that featured an expert singer teaching students how to perform in front of an audience. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Music professor Catherine Fagiolo said that she wanted to teach students at the vocal clinic that the act of performing “is not an alien state” and that they should feel comfortable during their singing.

The vocal clinic was a workshop for music students who were in the master class, which is a public workshop that is held by an expert. Spectators were also invited to attend the event.

“I think everyone needs experience, it doesn’t matter who you’re studying with,” Fagiolo said.

Many of the singers performed the song “El Nino Precioso,” a Nicaraguan folk song.

Athena Velasco said that her years experience of singing in front of an audience helped to calm her nerves.

You know, it’s nerve wracking every time,” said Velasco. “Everyone is always nervous to go on stage.”

Summer Dunbar differed from many of her peers by singing “Sento Nel Core.”

“The song is about falling in love, and not liking how that feels, because you’re scared and you don’t know, don’t understand maybe how this feeling toward someone else is,” Dunbar said. “The beginning of the song is about being scared, and the middle of the song is that the lyrics are, well if it’s not love, then it will be.”

Dunbar said that she was pleased that how many singers volunteered to perform, and that not many students did the previous year.

Velasco said she thought that those who performed did better than when they had to perform the previous day in class.

“So this is just because this is everyone we know, we already sang in front of them, everybody was already a little more comfortable, and you can actually hear what some of the underlying talent was,” said Velasco.

The next vocal clinic will be held on Oct. 30.

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