Calling all models


Matthew Wilke

Prospective models line up in front of the Arts and Science Building STUDIO 105 on March 20.

Cheyenne Drury and Cheyenne Drury

Model casting was held by American River College’s fashion department March 20 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Arts and Science Building STUDIO 105.

The event welcomed men and women ages 15 to 45 and boys and girls ages five to nine. All sizes were welcomed and women were asked to bring four inch heels with minimal makeup.

Gail Russell, a professor in the theater department, was at the event and was excited at the turn out it attracted.

“This is the first time we have had such a heavy concentration of model hopefuls,” said Russell. “I didn’t expect that.”

One of the show directors, Enrique Bonora, a fashion design major, was busy most of the night directing and communicating with his co-workers and with the models.

Bonora had an interesting story behind his pursuit and involvement in fashion.

“When I was in highschool I was at ARC for a solar power car I had made and I actually missed my race and watched a fashion show instead,” said Bonora. “Ever since then fashion has been my thing.”

The fashion shows are completely student-run, and there are four teams involved including show direction, modeling, marketing and visual.

The experience in modeling and reasons why people chose to attend varied from extra credit to a passion for fashion.

Fashion illustration major Kelsey Lightwood was there mainly for extra credit in the class.

“I get extra credit and one of my friends does senior portrait pictures so I have a little experience,” Lightwood said.

There were even some models who were strongly encouraged to come along.

“I got dragged into it,” said fashion major Kayla McCall.

Then there were people who had a lot of experience with these sort of events.

“I have been in this show before and I have already been chosen for this years (ARC’s fashion show 2015) fashion show,” said Communications major and Sacramento State University student Torri Bettis. “I was just in Sac fashion last week.”

There was also one student in particular who stood out from the rest in regards to her choice to attend.

ARC alum and Davis alum Viola Allo saw an ad for the model call when she was on campus to hear Nobel laureate Carol Greider speak.

“I am trying to do a few things I haven’t done before,” said Allo. “This year I started doing online poetry readings. Just trying to get outside of my comfort zone and experience different things.”

There will be another model search March 28 from 6p.m. to 9 p.m.

WEB_Michael Diaz Culinary Majory Yuba City college IMG_5226_Wilke WEB_Kelsey Lightwood fashion illustration mjr_5295_Wilke WEB_Jenna Ricks Pre-medical_5296_Wilke

A few of the models who attended the model call, from top to bottom , Michael Diaz culinary major at Yuba City college, and American River College students Kelsey Lightwood fashion illustration major and Jenna Ricks pursuing pre-medical.