Lucid dreaming of success

Practicing three times a week together and seven days a week individually with upcoming shows scheduled and booked, the band Lucid is working on getting their name out there.

Three of the six band members are students at American River College.

Matt Lomas a business major, and music majors Jordan Simpson and Tristan McNay are all currently students at ARC.

For the last six months Timothy Towne, on keyboard, Stevie Murrieta and Stuart Sower, on guitar and vocals, Jordan Simpson, on keyboard, saxaphone and vocals, Matt Lomas, on drums, and Tristan McNay, on bass, piccolo bass and vocals, have called themselves Lucid.

McNay, also bassist for Madison Hudson, a country cover band, is the son of Dan McNay – former member of the Montrose Frank Hannon band as well as playing with members from the band Tesla – who sold 14 million albums in the United States.

Lucid received heavy interest from Brian Wheat, who is very close friends with McNay’s father Dan.

All of the band’s songs are written together with influences from all genres – including classical, rock, and electronic – and artists such as Alt-J, Muse, Iron Maiden, John Legend, Bob Marley and Kanye West.

With so many different genre influences the band labels themselves as an experimental band.

“We support music without prejudice,” said Murrieta.

Not only is their music experimental but so is their artwork.

Fellow Ludician, Annaleigh Clay, is a surrealist artist and does all the artwork for the band.

Lucid’s goal is to start touring by the end of the year and, if nothing else, get a good following.

“It’s a victory just to inspire people,” said McNay.

Lucid’s next upcoming shows are March 7 at The Colony in Sacramento, March 18 at the Naked Lounge in downtown Sacramento, and March 29 at Swabbies on the River Restaurant and Bar off of Garden Highway in Sacramento.



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Cheyenne Drury is a third-semester student on the American River Current, where she serves as the Editor-in-chief. She previously served as arts and culture editor and news editor. She is double majoring in journalism and photojournalism. She has competed in softball, cross country and track all at the college level. She was published in the American River Review, the award winning college literary magazine.

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  1. Stevie Murrieta’s father was a guitarist for Tesla in the early years; name Joey Murrieta. Just putting that out there.

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