Vocal jazz warms up ARC at winter concert

ARC’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Choir and Jazz Vocal Soloists put on a spectacular performance at their winter concert event Wednesday.

Director Arthur LaPierre, an ARC music professor, introduced the choir as the stage was being set up.

The choir got the audience going with their performances of the songs “I Want You” by Horace Silver and “That Lonesome Road” by James Taylor.

After the brief performance from the choir, special guests Folsom High School Jazz Choir came up next to perform.

The harmony that was displayed by Folsom was impressive, as they carried out popular songs “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone and “Give Me The Simple Life” by Ella Fitzgerald with expertise.

Folsom also sang the Hymn of Acxiom, which is about how technology is controlling society.

“We’d like to thank ARC for having us here. If anyone would like to see any of our upcoming performances please check out our website folsommusic.org.” said Curtis Gaesser, director of Folsom High.

After finishing their last song Folsom took a bow and then the show broke out for a short intermission so the next set could be prepared.

Once the eight minute intermission came to a close, the vocal majors were ready to show the crowd what they had to offer.

Julian Cunningham, a solo act, performed the song “My Funny Valentine”.

Next came the duet Megan Ugrate and Diana Campos, who performed the theme song from “The Nanny” and a tune they called “Hip To Be Happy.”

The last set then took place with the jazz ensemble, which included Cunningham, Ugrate and Campos.

ARC’s jazz performers and their special guests all performed with heart and determination to get their passion for music across to the audience.

“If you’d like to sing with us the choir meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30 am. Thank you for coming everybody. We appreciate the support,” said LaPierre.

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