Fashion club’s first craft sale raises proceeds for WEAVE

Jessica Vang and Jessica Vang

The Fashion Club held it’s first craft sale Wednesday, with proceeds going to their club and organization, as well as the organization WEAVE, or Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment.

There were two booths set up across The Hub inside the student center, in which handsewn knit hats and scarves by fashion club members were for sale.

Fashion Club President Porter Womble, a fashion design and merchandising major, spoke about the purpose and proceeds of the craft sale.

“(The purpose is) to raise awareness for the fashion club to just kind of give us a creative outlet, and proceeds go to the fashion club to support future club days,” said Womble.

Items being sold included knit hats, scarves, ceramic displays and henna tattoos.

There was also “a coat drive to support WEAVE,” according to Womble.

Fashion Club Vice-President Jaimie Braaten, a fashion design and merchandising major, spoke about the craft sale and Fashion Club, as well as the upcoming fashion show next semester.

“Our fashion fundraiser is just a good way to spread the news about the club,” she said.

There are currently 18 members in the Fashion Club, and they are looking into hosting a fashion show next spring, using some of the proceeds earned from the craft sale.

“We’re thinking about doing a multi-cultural fashion show involving other clubs and organizations,” Womble said.

Added Braaten: “I’m excited, (and) and I know some of the designers (who) are from the programs here at ARC that are gonna be showing.”

The fashion program, which the Fashion Club supports, is planning a trip to New York next spring, which will also be funded by proceeds from the craft sale.