ARC hosts Fall 2014 dance competition

Dressed up in costumes inspired by horror films and the seven deadly sins, Cosumnes River College dance crew Skream won first place for the level three dance competition during the Urban Hip Hop Class Competition hosted by American River College on Nov. 20.

There were six level one and two dance crews from ARC and Folsom Lake College and five level three and four dance crews from CRC. The levels corresponded to the number of semesters the students had taken.

ARC dance crew Bass and Treble won first place in the level one and two competition.

“Words cannot even explain,” student director of Bass and Treble Elias Martinez said.

“There were a lof times where we were struggling. I had to yell a little bit, but all in all it was worth it, because we finished first.”

The competition was judged by point value system that included costume, choreography, creativity, style and motion. It was totaled up to one hundred points.

Some crews dressed up thematically for their performance.

Student director of Skream, Zeke Washington, said the crew’s theme was inspired by the “Child’s Play” and “Scream” horror film franchises.

“It’s like we’re the monsters under the bed,” Washington said. “We tried to take the evilness in the world and try to portray it in dance.”

Another crew, Sleepless Nights, dressed up in pajamas.

Sleepless Nights ended their performance falling to the ground, pretending to sleep, except for one, who stood above them and shouted, “Wake up!”

The show began and ended with the dancers forming a semicircle, where dancers took turns dancing in the center.

“I was mindblown,” Washington said of the other performers. “I liked (dance crew) Earth, Wind and Fire … But Mostly Fire. It really caught my eye. Shout out to (student director) Devin and his crew.”

American River College will have a dance showcase on Dec. 12 and 13.

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