Jazz clinic at ARC features saxophone tips from a veteran of ARC


Jessica Vang

Saxophonist Steve Lishman was the guest speaker and instructor at a jazz clinic held at ARC on Sept. 11.

Jessica Vang and Jessica Vang

For anyone who wanted to get tips on playing the saxophone or learn more about jazz music, ARC Music Director Dr. Dyne Eifertsen and saxophonist Steve Lishman put together an event that was “all that jazz” on Sept. 11.

Presented by the ARC music department and hosted by Eifertsen, the jazz clinic offered tips on both jazz and playing your saxophone.

The event,  “A Jazz Clinic by Saxophonist Steve Lishman: Develop and Maintain your Sound,” was a hands-on workshop that covered breathing techniques, listening and internal hearing, mouthpiece techniques, as well as practicing with recordings and partners.

During the event, Lishman performed a few jazz solos and later on, jazz students had a turn to play for Lishman and show off their skills.

The alto’s and tenors practiced and played together, and Lishman was impressed.

Eifertsen mentioned during the event how Lishman used to be his jazz teacher when he was younger.

“We used to jam and play together all the time,” said Eifertsen.

Eifertsen started playing jazz music in high school and has been a music director at ARC for 13 years.

“I love it, absolutely love it, it’s a lifelong dream. I get to work with musicians all day long and it’s so much fun,” said Eifertsen.

Lishman has been playing the saxophone for 58 years, starting at the age of ten, and said he absolutely loves playing the saxophone and that it’s his passion in life.

“It started in 5th grade, when I was just drawn to it. I started playing in middle and high school, and done everything as a sax player through the years,” said Lishman.

In addition to playing the saxophone, Lishman also can play the clarinet and the flute.

Lishman said the ARC jazz department is “outstanding” in his mind.

“I’ve taught other classes, and really like the music classes here, it’s just a really great place to teach music,” he said.

Lishman was also a student here at ARC in the 60’s and has taught as a faculty member. Nowadays, he plays music professionally at the campus.

The jazz band are preparing for a concert in November– a tribute to Benny Carter, a saxophonist from L.A., in addition to a few jazz combo showcases during November.

“It can get hectic, but I’m also a musician, so it’s a typical musician life,” Eifertsen said of the events.

In addition to the event, there were some interesting and helpful books on playing the saxophone displayed, which included “The Art of Saxophone Playing” by Larry Teal, and “Top-tones for the Saxophone: Four Octave Range” by Sigurd M. Rascher.

If you missed the jazz clinic this time around, the jazz department will be holding two more, one on Oct. 30 and another on Nov. 13.

For more info on the jazz department or upcoming events, contact Dr. Dyne Eifertsen at (916) 792-1320.