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  1. Ok hello there folks, lets clear some things up since I’m the one this is all about. I’m pretty upset that pretty much ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of what I wanted to be talked about was missed just so Michael and his buddies at the paper could stir up some crap. I was told there would be links to my performance video of the song “Beautiful Silence” which is about me being inspired by a deaf girl I had in classes to get my life together. I’m not seeing those or the song even being mentioned which upsets me. Michael first approached me after seeing me perform that song and loved the message or so he said, even took photo’s of me outside of room 547b…. Told him all of the great things I’ve done and why it offended me I’m treated like none of that mattered. I was on the World Famous Wake Up Show with Sway & King Tech telling folks through my music using drugs is horrible and don’t throw your life away going that route. That stuff never made it in the paper smh, next time he see’s me I do my protest and I see I’m not in the article I was told I was going to be in and why I had my picture take. He tells me he is going to do a profile on me, a whole page all about my music and me as an artist!!! I was SO EXCITED! BUT!!!!!!! THIS HAD NONE OF THAT!!! You guys are lil snakes flat out and I don’t like you now. You are why journalists get bad wraps, and keep it real you didn’t want to talk about my music you wanted to cause controversy. Why ask me for links to my music if you weren’t going to use them? Why tell me you were going to put that stuff in the story? I wrote a BEAUTIFUL song about a deaf girl and you didn’t even mention it man. Next time you tell a artist you are going to talk about their music and promote them in the paper keep you damn word…. http://www.reverbnation.com/jterrible http://www.soundcloud.com/j-terrible follow me on twitter @jerkthaterrible THANKS FOR NOT TELLING PEOPLE WHERE TO FIND MY MUSIC!!! #SNAKES #LIARS

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