Newest Pokemon installment makes the little things count


Courtesy of Nintendo

Official box art for the new Pokemon games.

Adnan Ramic and Adnan Ramic

There has been a main series Pokemon game released annually for the past five years. In the Pokemon community, rumors have suggested Pokemon had lost its edge, just releasing carbon copies of their games. The newest versions – “Pokemon X” and Pokemon Y”, are better than any Pokemon game before.

The sixth and latest generation of Pokemon is the most impressive yet.  The region of Kalos plays host to your next Pokemon adventure, with a total of 454 Pokemon needed to complete your Pokedex (Pokemon index) out of 718 total with only a few being new.

There are only 70 new Pokemon to catch and evolve, but those who loved the previous generations can find Pokemon from all of them. After being given your starter Pokemon you run into Pidgey, Zigzagoon, and Caterpie (or Weedle).

A wave of nostalgia washed over me when I was given the opportunity to choose one of the three original starter Pokemon from “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue”.  Generation five (Pokemon Black and White) has been criticized for only allowing access to the 155 Pokemon new to that generation. In the Kalos region you see Pokemon from every generation all the time.

While the general gameplay isn’t presented in stereoscopic 3D, the battles that the Pokemon engage in are. Seeing Pokemon battling in 3D gives a “Pokemon Stadium” vibe. If you’re going to be playing without access to stereoscopic 3D, everything is still a 3D model and you only miss segments like battles or evolution that stereoscopic 3D gives more depth to.

There are too many things to list, but Game Freak Inc. has put so many little details in that when Pokemon fans see them, they will be impressed. Training Pokemon no longer seems like a chore, but a way for to bond with them.

This game is above par with the other Pokemon games. If you have a Nintendo 3DS, “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” is a must buy.  For Pokemon fans without the handheld, Nintendo released a cheaper alternative to the 3DS called the Nintendo 2DS which sells for $129.99.

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Pokemon has finally outgrown its previous incarnations. For too long Pokemon games have been relaxed in their basic mechanics. “Pokemon Y” and Pokemon X” bring out little features that you can use at any time: there is a method for competitive players to train “Effort Values” (EVs) onto Pokemon through short, fun mini-games. There are mini-games that increase your Pokemon’s happiness toward you as well.

The most amazing improvement is the connectivity, through local wireless you can effortlessly connect and interact with other players near you. The only downside is a bit of lag online because so many people around the world are connecting with your character. Definitely buy this game.

-Jonathan H. Ellyson
Arts and Culture Editor