In Our Heads- Jorden Hales

Book- “A Book of Common Prayer” Joan Didion is my favorite author, and this is one of her best books. I had to re-read it when I found out Christina Hendricks is starring in a new film adaptation that’s coming out next year. I think this one could be an Oscar-worthy film.

Movie- “The Fifth Estate I have not been this interested in seeing a film for quite some time. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks — it has dramatic written all over it. The trailer got me pretty excited, too. Benedict Cumberbatch looks just like Julian Assange.

TV- “Avatar: Legend of Korra” It has been over a year since the first season. “Book Two” is the first Avatar venture to explore the spirit world. This season is less suspenseful than the previous one, but the buildup should make for some exciting stuff here pretty soon.

Game- “Sniper Shooter” I downloaded this on a whim while waiting for an order in a restaurant and it has become my favorite way to waste time on my iPad. Stick figure violence is always good catharsis.

Music- “The Civil Wars” I discovered this duet a couple months ago. Their new self-titled album is great, and I’m having a blast listening to all their old music. They kind of remind me of Norah Jones, my favorite singer. I hope they stop feuding so I can see them live.

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