Local burger joint MAXimizes quality

Burger Max constructs many different burgers including the Super Burger that is topped with your choice of cheese, two big slices of crisp bacon and a whole fried egg. (Photo by Emily K. Rabasto)

The freshest burgers around are just around the corner

Walking into Burger Max on a hot Sacramento afternoon feels like walking through the desert and suddenly realizing the mirage of a mouth-watering burger is actually within reach. If you’re driving in your car, you might just miss it, as the modest exterior seems to want to keep it a secret. As a matter of fact, the place has been open since late January, but will be having its Grand Opening during the month of May.

It is conveniently the closest restaurant to American River College, located on the corner of Auburn Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. You can actually call in your order and have it ready for you by the time you get there, in case you’re trying to fit a meal in between classes.

I’m writing as the sun has settled along with my stomach, still satisfied with the Super Burger I ordered. It consists of freshly cooked meat, along with special seasoning, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and two strips of crispy bacon, all topped with a slice of melted American cheese and an over easy egg nestled in just right between the large bread roll. My taste buds were maxed out. Which makes sense when you find out all of the ingredients are fresh daily.

You can taste the freshness in every bite, distinguishing the variety of individual ingredients all wrapped in that delicious bread roll. I was strategically planning out my next bite before I could finish the bite I had just taken. As their slogan reads, “looks good, tastes great.”

I almost forgot about the crispy french fries and the rare, but ever important, glass bottle of Pepsi Cola I ordered. In fact, before I even got my food, I was overwhelmed by the variety on the menu, which included chili dogs, garlic fries, nachos and a variety of beers in bottle and on tap. There are an ample amount of meals to choose from. Salads are also on the menu, along with a kid’s combo. You can top it all off with a fresh selection of ice creams and milk shakes.

It’s going to take a few trips back to experience the entire menu, but I already want to go back for just that burger. The old-fashioned burger joint was just my style and most definitely my kind of flavor.

There will be a 20% discount throughout the month of May as part of their Grand Opening, which starts May 6.

Burger Max

4708 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento

Monday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Price: $$

4.5 out of 5

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