John Vesely of Secondhand Serenade discusses his experience performing in Sacramento

Cintia Lopez and Cintia Lopez

After Secondhand Serenade’s show at the Boardwalk in Orangevalle on Feb. 28, The Current got to sit down with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist John Vesely for a quick interview about the show.

Current: How did you feel the energy of the crowd tonight?

Vesely: Amazing. Really, it was. I don’t want to say surprising, because that makes me seem like I didn’t think the crowd was going to be great. It was definitely more energetic than I was expecting. Usually, it’s energetic and it’s really fun. It was really amazing to be out there with the fans tonight.

What was your favorite moment during tonight’s show?

My favorite moment was right when I came out. I strummed the first few chords of that song “Vulnerable,” and everybody freaked and it was so loud. I knew immediately, “This is going to be a really good show.”

You had a mixture of old songs, new songs, and covers on your set-list tonight. How do you go about choosing what songs you’re going to play?

It’s funny, because I remember going to shows and seeing bands that I liked when I was younger and waiting for a certain song hoping they would play it, and sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn’t. It’s kind of random, to be completely honest, and there’s songs that I know people would like. I kind of have to pick and choose what I think people will like.

During your show, you mentioned a full band tour a few times. Do you have an estimated date for that tour?

No, not yet. What I’m really looking to do is finish the record first, and I have a week tracking. That’s going to happen after this tour ends, and then, once that happens, we’re going to figure out a release schedule and follow the release schedule with a tour.

Do you plan on stopping by the Sacramento area again?

Absolutely, and it’ll probably be sometime this summer. It’s a totally different experience – full band experience versus an acoustic experience. It’s different for the fans. I think that they’ll want to see both.