Photographers on display

Gavin McIntyre, a student with art in the show, examines another student's photo on Feb. 11 at the Union Hall Gallery in downtown Sacramento. (Photo by Daniel Romandia)

The Union Hall Gallery was bustling with spectators eager to see photographs taken by American River College students.

On the opening night of Feb. 11, the Records of Light show was a success. Works were showcased of students in the ARC photography department.

As people moved through the small gallery there was a varied mixture of reactions to the photography on the walls. Some were in awe, while others were deep in thought, but the overall atmosphere was positive.
The event is set up by the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers to showcase the work of students that attend the Los Rios Community College District.

All of the photos on display were being sold by the students, so the all the money made that night went directly to the students.

Elizabeth Baccelli, one of the photographers, was very excited to have two of her pieces shown in the gallery. Baccelli said, “The things that inspire me the most are landscapes, buildings, music, and the life around me.”

Another photographer, Gavin McIntyre, was also very excited about his first gallery. McIntyre started photography classes for his major, photojournalism. “I’m interested in the things around me, and I have a passion for photography,” McIntyre said.

Both Baccelli and McIntyre believe that it is very important to have a passion for photography. McIntyre believes that, “You get more involved, and care more about the pictures when you have a passion for taking photos.”

“Even if you have crappy equipment you can still get nice photos.” Baccelli said, “You can have all the best equipment in the world, but you won’t have creativity in your photos.”

Jodie Hooker, a photography professor of 10 years at ARC, when asked what she thought of all the students work, said that she really liked what she had seen.

It was an overall great night for the photographers, whose art was seen by many. The gallery closed for the night, but will be open for the rest of the month for many more to see.


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