Surviving the Z-Pocalypse

Will you be prepared when the zombie apocalypse comes? What can you do to prepare for your roommate and loved ones trying to eat your brains? Luckily, there’s this list to help you survive the z-pocalypse when it comes.

How to prepare for the coming apocalypse.
“The Zombie Survival Guide” (Book, 2003): This book is THE source for anything related to zombies. It’s filled with tips and tricks to zombie removal you would have never thought of. From how to survive with limited food and water, to giving you the solution to the age-old question of if you should use a crowbar or a shotgun, this book has all the answers and more. But should you need ideas if you find yourself barricaded in a mall with plenty of supplies to go around, there’s always…

How to prepare for facing zombies in a mall.
“Dawn of the Dead” (Movie, 1978): If you’re barricaded in a mall, then you’ll be able to find this movie in a video store. George Romero’s classic will show you how to make the best of your situation and ride out the wave of the z-pocalypse with materialism at its finest. Just don’t expect the luxuries to last forever! You’re going to have to fight the zombies sooner or later when you want to (or have to) leave the mall. And to prepare for that, you need…

How to prepare for life-or-death struggles with zombies.
“Dead Island” (Video Game, 2011): Do zombies keep coming at you after you break both their arms and legs? Yes, “Dead Island” says they’ll keep trying to attack you with no working limbs. So far, this is the most realistic zombie game yet, if learning to fending them off is your goal. Just like in real life, anything more than a handful of zombies will overwhelm you, making it perfect for preparing strategies for the coming z-pocalypse. But how do you avoid turning into one of the undead when you’re eventually overwhelmed?

How to avoid being infected.
“28 Days Later” (Movie, 2002): This movie doesn’t have traditional zombies, making it perfect for learning how to avoid getting infected. Not only do the people in the “28 Days Later” universe have to avoid being bitten, but they also have to avoid getting the zombie’s blood into their body somehow. If you can avoid getting zombie blood on you, then you can avoid getting bitten. But how are you going to prepare for craving brains and shuffling around mindlessly when you are inevitably bitten?

How to prepare for life as a zombie.
“Ahhh! Zombies!!!” (Movie, 2007): While not the most serious zombie movie available, it’s perfect for knowing what your life as a zombie will be like. Zombies are the main characters in this movie and they don’t even realize they’re zombies, despite their craving for brains and limbs falling off. There’s humor in this informative movie, but certainly not enough to get you by when a z-pocalypse world is your reality. For that, there’s…

How to look on the bright side of a zombie-filled world.
“Shaun of the Dead” (Movie, 2004): Before you became a zombie, you were a perfectly normal person with normal problems, just like Shaun and his friends in this movie. Their normal, everyday problems are interrupted by the zombie apocalypse, and they’re going to deal with those problems, z-pocalypse or not. A mix of humor and seriousness make this a great introduction to how to continue living your life with zombies roaming the streets.

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