Enrollment Freeze

Weathering Sac State’s enrollment freeze

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
April 18, 2012  

Already suffering from $750 million in budget cuts, and facing an additional $200 million if Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative is rejected in November, California State University officials announced a spring 2013 enrollment freeze at 15 of the 23 CSU campuses, including California State... Read More

Paimana Khanjar and brother Jason on Feb. 22.

Family mourns loss of their ‘angel’

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
March 21, 2012  

They are a family suffering from a profound loss. On a recent Thursday evening, more than a dozen people filled a large Natomas apartment. Dressed in black, traditional Afghan attires, the family members of Paimana Khanjar, 22, talked about the young woman who was found stabbed to death in... Read More


Top state official fights to lower textbook costs

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
March 7, 2012  

Every year, thousands of community college students, teachers and administrators come together at the State Capitol to rally against the rising cost of education at March in March. One leader sympathetic of the challenges of affordable higher education is California Senate President pro Tempore... Read More

The synthetic blend of diverse psychotropic plants have been linked to growing numbers of hospital visits.

‘Fake weed’ still has real threats

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
February 22, 2012  

Miley Cyrus admitted to smoking it. Other celebrities, including Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Lil Wayne were rumored to have done it. In January, it was believed to have been the reason behind Demi Moore’s emergency stint at the hospital. What is “it,” exactly? K2, or “spice” is a... Read More

President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address on Jan. 31

Community colleges are hot topic for Obama

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
February 8, 2012  

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, President Barack Obama delivered his 2012 State of the Union address with education overhaul continuing to be a key talking point. Determined to make college a more affordable experience for everyone, Obama put “colleges and universities on notice,” telling them that... Read More

U-G-L-Y! Do Sactown’s men have an alibi?

Sarah Vorn, News Editor
February 8, 2012  

Sacramento men are aesthetically challenged. At least, that’s the verdict according to a new vanity survey conducted by the website Living Social. Only 23 percent of 4,000 people polled thought Sacramento men to be handsome, ranking the city last in the nation of 20 cities polled. So is this... Read More

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
November 30, 2011  

The college experience can leave students rich in knowledge but poor in pockets. On Nov. 16, California State University trustees voted to raise tuition by 9 percent, increasing annual undergraduate tuition by about $500, bringing the 2012 fall tuition to $5,970. The decision sparked angry... Read More


Countless reasons to make ARC a smoke-free campus

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
November 9, 2011  

Killing tens of thousands of Americans every year and causing serious life-threatening illnesses to thousands more, here at American River College, evidence of this death monger litters the campus grounds. However, it’s the invisible cocktail of toxins that aptly justifies secondhand cigarette... Read More

ARC Associate Student Body convenes at Student Senate of California Community College’s 2011 Fall General Assembly

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
November 8, 2011  

Eighty-two community colleges met in San Jose for the Student Senate of California Community College’s 2011 Fall General Assembly on Nov. 3-6 to present, debate, and vote upon resolutions such as student services, student rights and freedoms, and environmental and sustainability, issues that... Read More

Public transportation could be an answer for some students

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
October 26, 2011  

With Sacramento area gas prices averaging $3.75 a gallon, many American River College students have turned to public transportation to get to and from classes. Usually, catching a ride on the Sacramento Regional Transit costs $2.50 per ride, or $6 for a daily pass and $100 for a monthly pass.... Read More


No ‘Butts’ About It

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
October 12, 2011  

Kate Clark doesn’t like secondhand smoke and all the cigarette butts littering the ground, so she’s doing something about it. The 18-year-old freshman at American River College has been making her rounds on campus collecting signatures from students and faculties in support of her petition... Read More

_8479 Crop Verticle for cover

A Big Deal in a Little Package

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
October 12, 2011  

He went to class that evening dressed for the occasion: a white T-shirt with a Triceratop skull on it. Laser pointer in hand, Tanishq Abraham stood in front of the room. He shuffled from foot to foot as the professor loaded up his PowerPoint of the “Mystery of Dinosaur Extinction.” The... Read More

Smith_Loren color

Remebering Loren Smith

Sarah Vorn, Staff Writer
September 14, 2011  

Beloved psychology professor passes away at the start of the new semester Colleagues, students, and family members remember Loren Smith for the funny, passionate, and caring man that he was. His sense of humor, infectious laughter and reputation as an excellent listener are among the many “Lorenisms”... Read More