Take this class: Archery

Megan Houchin, Design editor
October 24, 2012  

If you’re a fan of Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye, Legolas or Apollo, you’ll probably enjoy taking PACT 300, also known as Archery. In this class, students learn how to aim and shoot a bow and arrow at targets from varying distances, testing their skills along the way with tournaments. “We... Read More

Five ways to live it up this summer on the cheap

Megan Houchin, Copy Editor
May 2, 2012  

When the temperature hits triple digits and you and your friends get bored of watching fans oscillate, try these five local, easy and relatively cheap ways to entertain yourselves. 1. The American River There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of the American River. The easiest and cheapest... Read More

Dana Fraire, an American River College student, teaches tarot to students in her Carmichael office.

Spiritual student reads tarot cards

Megan Houchin, Copy Chief
March 21, 2012  

When she was only 8 years old, American River College student Dana Fraire noticed her special abilities. She would lock her young self in the bathroom and meditate in the mirror until she became able to step out of her body and see herself. This is when she first had an understanding that her... Read More

KONY 2012 animosity undeserved

Megan Houchin, Copy Chief
March 21, 2012  

Along with 32 million other YouTube users, I watched a 30-minute video on March 7 about a man named Joseph Kony. Kony is the leader of a small group in Uganda that abducts, tortures, mutilates, and terrorizes local villages. Immediately I was horrified. My reaction was not unlike everyone else’s,... Read More

‘Undergrads’ stirs up controversy

Megan Houchin
February 22, 2012  

James Franco’s Web series gets under USC’s skin “I can’t believe they showed us drinking! Nobody drinks in college!” yelled James Franco at the closing of the first episode of his new Web series, “Undergrads.” With heavy use of sarcasm, Franco retaliated to the complaints from... Read More

Q & A with ‘Antigone’ Director Nancy Silva

Megan Houchin, Copy Chief
November 9, 2011  

Director and ARC Professor Nancy Silva speaks about her play “Antigone,” which has its roots in ancient Greek mythology and a history in theater dating back to 1944. The play, which according to Silva is “interesting and thought-provoking,” opens here at ARC on Nov. 18. Current: What’s... Read More