Poet Laureate

Lyrical Moment: Los Rios professor selected as Sacramento’s poet laureate

Malissa Rogers, Freelance writer
October 10, 2012  

The first time it happened, he was only five-years-old. He noticed a duck as it flew in the distance and watched its wings cup the air beneath them. Time slowed down and he became inspired by the elegance of nature as the duck landed in the lake. His first lyrical moment had happened, something... Read More

Employment improving by degrees

Malissa Rogers, Managing Editor
May 3, 2012  

It’s time for final exams. One last question: What’s your degree actually worth? Depends on what you’re studying. According to current employment rates, it’s not worth much if you’re majoring in architecture, the arts or humanities and liberal arts. However, the outlook is more promising... Read More


Flashback 1986: ‘Wisdom’

Malissa Rogers, Managing Editor
February 8, 2012  

Flashback to the year 1986: a year of feathered hair, cassette tapes and when MTV actually played music videos. American River College looked different; there were no parking issues or high enrollment fees and an arcade could be found on campus in the Student Center. That same year, ARC’s... Read More


Alum Kim Floresca moves up in the cooking world with schooling as her base

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
November 30, 2011  

From an early age, chef Kim Floresca has been fascinated by the shows on the Food Network. As a child she pretended to whip up a “gourmet” cake for her imaginary audience, as she narrated each step to the make-believe cameras in her kitchen. Floresca is a sous-chef at The Restaurant at... Read More

Terry Thompson - courtesy of department of justice

Ohio incident opens the public’s eyes about laws concerning the ownership of wild animals

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
November 9, 2011  

Lions, tigers and bears; oh my. It’s not a story about Dorothy and the yellow brick road, but a tragic story about 48 animals shot and killed in Zanesville, Ohio. Terry Thompson, owner of Muskingum County Animal Farm, shot and killed himself after opening the cages and releasing his exotic... Read More


Amanda Knox trial creates controversy between countries

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
October 26, 2011  

Amanda Knox, the American student who studied abroad in Perugia, Italy, is free from her jail cell and back in her hometown of Seattle, Wash. In 2009, the Italian courts convicted Knox for murdering and sexually assaulting her British roommate Meredith Kercher, also a student studying abroad.... Read More

Jerry Brown (Courtesy of facebook).jpg

California will now offer financial aid to qualifying illegal aliens

Malissa Rogers, Staff Writer
October 26, 2011  

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act on Oct. 8, allowing children of undocumented workers or students on their way to obtaining citizenship access to financial aid at California universities and community colleges. “Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement... Read More


Confessions of a Mean Girl

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
October 12, 2011  

I was the epitome of a “Mean Girl” during my first two years of high school. Just call me Regina George because I was just that spiteful and coldhearted. I went after anyone who I felt was different and it became my personal goal to make his or her life a living hell. It doesn’t sound... Read More


Words of our generation gain official recognition

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
September 14, 2011  

Common slang words in today’s youth’s vocabulary are becoming actual dictionary-certified words. But should it be considered an accomplishment or a disgrace? The mass media has always played a role in defining and shaping American culture. The influence of songs, national figures, and television... Read More


New restrictions could make parking at ARC even more challenging

Malissa Rogers, Scene Editor
September 14, 2011  

Parking has always been problematic for students at American River College, but now with adjacent communities cracking down on parking enforcement, it could become a nightmare. Any American River College student would agree that the parking lots on campus are one of the most painful parts of... Read More