Daily Photo 4-18-13

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor
April 18, 2013  

American River College Students check out clubs in front of the campus student center during “Beaver Week,” an event to showcase the diversity of the campus and to encourage school pride, on the ARC campus on April 18, 2013.

Graphic by: Emily Rabasto

Recession goes punk

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor, Staff Writer
March 13, 2013  

While society crumbles, music flourishes The economy is still falling. Memories of an unwanted war are fresh in the minds of the American people, Detroit and the auto industry are nearing a complete failure, and punk music is seeing a major rise in popularity and mainstream acceptance. Strangely... Read More


International protest comes to Sacramento

Daniel Romandia, Photography Editor
February 13, 2013  

Feminist organization sheds light on women’s issues with creativity and dancing In this world, one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. These words are some of the first that can be seen on the One Billion Rising website (onebillionrising.org). On Feb. 14, the international... Read More


Flaming Grill Café gets wild

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor
December 5, 2012  

Wild boar, lion and python among choices at burger restaurant on El Camino Avenue It happens often: you’re in the mood for a burger, but you happen to feel like Teddy Roosevelt and want to be a little more adventurous. No, you won’t be hunting for any antelope or wild boar, but... Read More

‘Skyfall’ leaves viewer shaken, not stirred with darker storyline

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor
November 9, 2012  

Everyone may think the life for James Bond is filled with glamorous cars, fast women, classy suits and martinis shaken to perfection, but “Skyfall” is proof that reality can set in for anyone. Even 007. We open to a distorted silhouette of our hero as he makes his way through a dark building... Read More

Racial Outcasts: Finding a community between two or more races

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor
October 24, 2012  

Everyone in the world looks for a place they belong. It could be through religion, sports or music.  However, people commonly find a sense of community within their own race and family. Finding that in your own race is not so easy when you belong to more than one race. I am half Mexican and... Read More


Sound issues at Mondavi Center ruin what could have been a great Silversun show

Daniel Romandia, Photo Editor
September 11, 2012  

A truly great show leaves you with ringing ears, a sweaty body and a sense of satisfaction that keeps you a little wound up for days after. Silversun Pickups’ concert on Sept. 10 at the Mondavi Center in Davis did not give me any of those things.  This was not the band’s fault,... Read More

Stuck in our heads

Daniel Romandia, Assistant Photo Editor
May 2, 2012  

“Oooh”  – Kool A.D. (ft. Main Attrakionz) Kool A.D., one-third of Das Racist, is set on redeeming himself after the release of the horrible “The Palm Wine Drinkard” earlier this year. He definitely has with “51,” which was released on April 24. This track is smooth, plain... Read More

New burger joint is ‘heavenly’

Daniel Romandia, Assistant Photo Editor
March 21, 2012  

Sacramento’s food scene has an abundance of burger joints. Hamburger Patties on J Street has been a midtown staple for years. The Flaming Grill Cafe in the Arden area continues to serve Sacramento with exotic meats. It seems like there is a restaurant that is a constitution for every... Read More