Rape culture and the myths

Cintia Lopez, Magazine Editor
May 15, 2014  

“There are a lot of problems with rape, and there are a lot of rape myths,” said Tori Bovard, a human sexuality professor at ARC. “(The myths) create a climate that makes some people think that rape is OK.” The “climate” created is rape culture, where people believe that rape is... Read More

Rape_i80entrance copy

Inside the mind of a serial rapist

Cintia Lopez, Magazine Editor
May 15, 2014  

A woman walks down the street at 4 a.m. There are few streetlights that give a dim light which creates shadows. A man walks down the same street, following her to keep a watchful eye. After 20 minutes of stalking the woman, he decides he’s finally ready to attack. At approximately 4:20 a.m.... Read More

The London Eye, where Barnes and Ice shared their first kiss, is lit up at night.

They found love in a foreign place

Cintia Lopez, Magazine Editor
May 14, 2014  

It’s probably the sweetest and most cliched romance that a couple could have experienced. Two American River College students, Cierra Barnes, 20, and Austin Ice, 21 found love while on a study abroad trip in London, England. Studying abroad is, “an opportunity to take classes that you would... Read More


I’m not nervous, I’m anxious

Cintia Lopez, Magazine Editor
May 13, 2014  

Heart races, breathing becomes uneven and palms are sweaty. It’s not just nerves. A rush of emotions and memories surge through, and then everything becomes numb. There’s no movement, just hyperventilation. Some time later there’s crying, and then the tears are wiped away as the experience... Read More

Library receives a large influx of students toward the end of the semester

Cintia Lopez, Managing Editor
December 13, 2013  

The American River College library is a great tool for students to use throughout the semester. Although the library is open to students all semester long, it’s normally towards the end when people see a large influx of students at the library. The library offers students close to 125 computers... Read More

Music in stereo, without the types

Cintia Lopez, Managing Editor
December 3, 2013  

Classical, folk, country, rock, pop, punk, metal, pop-punk, punk-rock, dub-step, hip-hop, rap. Each genre is different, and yet subtly the same when heard with an open mind and an ear. Music, like other forms of media out there, can often change the way a person views life or acts. From the... Read More

Aaron Fields is a campus patrol officer who drives students to their vehicles in the ARC shuttle from Monday through Thursday.
-Jessica Maynard

The face of American River College’s parking shuttle

Cintia Lopez, Managing Editor
November 13, 2013  

People come and go throughout our lives whom we never really give a second thought to. The same goes for many of the people on campus helping to keep it safe. With many news outlets letting people know of what is going in their communities, a great way to ensure safety on campus is by using... Read More


Deafness author educates ARC professors

Cintia Lopez, Managing Editor
November 6, 2013  

Deaf culture is something that many people overlook as a part of a deaf person’s life; it is also quite possibly the most important part. On Oct. 5, Paddy Ladd, author of the book “Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood,” gave a seminar to professors at American River College about his book... Read More


Urbano’s es muy delicioso

Cintia Lopez, Managing Editor
October 25, 2013  

Atmosphere is nice at this local Mexican restaurant Urbano’s Fine Mexican Food seems to be out of place when driving by. There is a gas station on its left and an audio shop on its right. Despite the seemingly poor placement, Urbano’s has great food that I will definitely be coming back... Read More

Professor Paulo Alfonso, originally from Portugal, discussed the Higgs Boson during his Astronomy 320 lecture.

Take this class: Astronomy 320

Cintia Lopez, Scene Editor
April 24, 2013  

Stars, black holes, anti-matter, mutual annihilation, and scientific speculation. Those are only a few of the topics that are covered in Astronomy 320 with Professor Paulo Afonso. Walking into the room, you feel yourself back in your old science class from high school. With long tables that... Read More

Secondhand Serenade soothes a rambunctious crowd at the Boardwalk

Cintia Lopez, Scene Editor
March 2, 2013  

Secondhand Serenade vocalist/multi-instrumentalist John Vesely has a way of connecting with a crowd, and the intimate setting of the Boardwalk in Orangevale seemed like a second home to him. The crowd instantly began to sing along with him and he seemed thrilled to see such a warm welcome. Despite... Read More

In Our Heads – Cintia Lopez

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Culture Editor
December 5, 2012  

TV: “Bones” –  “Bones” is filled with murders, love, humor and drama. It follows Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth as they solve murders and bring back identities to the bones left over from horrendous murders. Every new episode is always the best part of my Monday... Read More

Behind the ‘Domestic Crusaders’

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Culture Editor
November 21, 2012  

Six-person cast of ARC’s dramatic-comedy give insight to their characters A family of six Pakistani-American Muslims will take the stage at American River College for the school’s second theater production of the semester, “The Domestic Crusaders.” The play touches on many subjects... Read More


Make Believe Time

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Culture Editor
November 8, 2012  

ARC student preps his horrific feature film debut Millions of people dream about making a movie. The tragic part is that most let it sit there and don’t do anything with their ideas. American River college student Andrew Scott Ramsey has completed a screenplay and cast the roles for his film,... Read More

Q&A with director Sam Williams on Domestic Crusader’s

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Culture Editor
November 7, 2012  

After Sept. 11, 2001 many Americans became overly cautious around certain types of people. ARC Theatre’s production of “The Domestic Crusaders,” by Wajahat Ali, shows the audience the life of a Pakistani-American Muslim family after the Sept. 11 attacks on the twin towers. What is the... Read More


The Joy of X fails to inspire joy

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Culture Editor
October 29, 2012  

The Joy of X: A Guided Tour Of Math, from One to Infinity by Steven Strogatz can be a useful tool for confusing a person more on the subject of math. It’s basically a math teacher in the form of a book. I couldn’t help but feel that I was in a math class trying hard not to doze off during... Read More

‘The Time Keeper’ is uninteresting, clichéd time-waster

Cintia Lopez, Arts and Entertainment Editor
September 19, 2012  

A suicidal teenage girl and a wealthy man in his mid-80s have one thing in common: they wish to end their lives in ways they’re not meant to end. Father Time, the first man to ever count the hours, has to save them in order to finish his story. “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom... Read More


Cafeteria worker checks out

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
May 3, 2012  

After 33 years of working at American River College, Doris Rodriguez will be retiring from working in food services. Rodriguez has seen many changes throughout the years, “When I first came in 1978 American River College was rated number one in the United States because they were one of the... Read More

Drive-thru do’s and dont’s: Help us, help you

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
May 3, 2012  

It starts with a beep, followed by the sound of an engine running with voices mixed in. I push the button on my headset as I walk towards the register and say “Hi, this is Cintia, what can I get for you today?” There a few thing things that can really get me frustrated while working the... Read More

John Farnsworth, in his role of Mr. Darcy in the American River College campus production "Pride and Prejudice."

Love not judged in ‘Pride’ production

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
April 18, 2012  

Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is set in the turn of the 19th century and revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The story shows how they are forced to be around each other, and end up falling in love after realizing that they judged each other too harshly. “Pride... Read More


‘Hunger Games’ looks to feed audience appetites

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
March 21, 2012  

An oppressive government. A struggle to survive. Unrequited love. Fights to the death. It all adds up to “The Hunger Games.” “The Hunger Games” is a novel that was released on Sept. 14, 2008 by Suzanne Collins. More than 11 million copies of the book have been sold, and many people... Read More

New Veg-Fit Club sprouts up

Cintia Lopez
March 7, 2012  

American River College has a new club on the rise, the Veg-Fit Club, and it hopes to finally become an official campus club on March 8 in the Rose Marks Pavilion on campus during Club Day from 10 a.m. to  noon. The Veg-Fit Club is currently being run by Laurie Jones, an ARC student, and two... Read More

UC Davis professor gives stem cell seminar

Cintia Lopez
February 28, 2012  

What if you could have a new liver made specifically for you? What if a paralysis patient could walk again? What if missing pieces of bones could regrow? It can all be possible with stem cell research. On Wednesday Feb. 23, American River College hosted college hour featuring Dr. Gerhard Bauer,... Read More

Gavin McIntyre, a student with art in the show, examines another student's photo on Feb. 11 at the Union Hall Gallery in downtown Sacramento.

Photographers on display

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
February 22, 2012  

The Union Hall Gallery was bustling with spectators eager to see photographs taken by American River College students. On the opening night of Feb. 11, the Records of Light show was a success. Works were showcased of students in the ARC photography department. As people moved through the small... Read More

Filipino flavor is Rocklin’s gem

Cintia Lopez, Staff Writer
February 9, 2012  

Empanadas N Buns is a wonderful little restaurant located in Rocklin that serves Filipino food, and I had the opportunity to try out a few of their delicious items. As soon as you walk into Empanadas N Buns the chef and owner, Nora Carino, with a warm smile, greets you. Carino is behind the... Read More