2015-2016 American River Current Staff

Joseph Daniels

News Editor

Joseph Daniels is news editor and is currently on his second semester writing for the Current. He is a journalism major, and is currently working on his goal of being able to survive off the words that he writes.

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John Ferrannini

Managing Editor

John Ferrannini is the managing editor and a third-semester staffer on the Current. He plans to transfer to a university after completing his journalism degree at American River College.

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Jose Garcia

Co-Scene Editor

Jose Garcia is scene editor and on his second semester in the Current. He is a journalism major who is also interested in the rap game.

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Barbara Harvey

Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Barbara Harvey is a third semester student with the journalism department. She is the former editor-in-chief of the Current, and is now serving as the editor-in-chief of Dam! magazine. She is finishing her associate’s degree... 

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Lindsey Martin

Staff Writer

Lindsey Martin is the co-arts and culture editor and a second-semester member of the Current.  She is also an avid blogger and audio engineer who is interested in fashion, hip-hop and sports.

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Brandon Nelson

Co-Scene Editor

Brandon Nelson is a journalism major with a passion for reporting gaming news. This is his final semester on the Current and his first as co-scene editor. While not a big sports or politics fan, he is always ready to write on... 

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Matthew Peirson

Co-Sports Editor

Matthew is in his second semester with the Current, serving now as the co-sports editor. He hopes to earn an AA in journalism at American River College and transfer to a four-year college to pursue his ultimate goal of being in... 

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Emily K. Rabasto

Web Editor and Assistant Magazine Editor

Emily K. Rabasto is a fifth-semester Current staffer and has held the positions of photo editor, managing editor and editor-in-chief. She is currently the assistant magazine editor for DAM!, the newest student-run magazine at... 

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Kameron Schmid


Kameron Schmid is serving as editor-in-chief in this, his fourth semester on the Current. Kameron has previously served as sports editor, arts and culture editor, and assistant arts and culture editor. He plans on transferring... 

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Kevin Sheridan

Co-Sports Editor

Kevin is a co-editor for the sports section. This is his third semester writing for the Current and he hopes to transfer to Sac State when he is done at American River College.

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Cameron Weaver

Opinion Editor

Cameron Weaver is the opinion section editor and a second-semester member of the Current. He is also the Director of Public Relations for the American River College Student Senate.  He is currently pursuing associate degrees... 

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Matthew Wilke

Co-Arts and Culture Editor

Matthew Wilke is in his third semester at American River College and his second semester with The Current.  He is currently the co-arts and culture editor where he hopes to learn the work skills needed to pursue a career as a... 

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