Shedric Allen

Shedric Allen is a second semester student and looking to get his degree in journalism and wants to transfer to USC and earn his B.A. in communications and become a successful ESPN Reporter.

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Thalia Avila

Thalia Avila is working on getting her A.A. Degree in journalism and plans to transfer to Chico State and work for their journalism program. Avila is more focused on writing for Arts & Entertainment and plans to excel in writing for music magazines/websites. In her free time she does freelance writing for music websites and does creative writing.

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Jonathan H. Ellyson

Jonathan H. Ellyson is majoring in journalism and broadcast journalism, has been at American River College for seven semesters and is in his third semester on The Current. He is an Eagle Scout, works as a media operator and sound engineer in Sacramento, and enjoys theater performances and films.

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John Ferrannini

John Ferrannini is a first semester staff writer on The Current. He enjoys writing, politics, and history. He plans to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a degree in journalism.

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Ed Gebing

Ed Gebing is currently the Co-Editor-In-Chief after serving as the Sports Editor and Distribution Manager last semester.  He plans on transferring to Sacramento State upon completion of his journalism degree at ARC.

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Jorden Hales

Jorden Hales is serving as Copy Chief, in his third semester with The Current. He is studying journalism with the goal of becoming a magazine publisher. Outside of school, Jorden is a freelance writer.

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Barbara Harvey

Barbara Harvey is serving as Scene Editor in her first semester with The Current. Prior to taking her first newswriting course, she was pursuing an English degree and is now considering majoring in journalism. She has a broad range of interests, particularly music and art and aspires to develop a career as a critic.

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Natasha Honeywood

Natasha is 24 years old and the Assistant Editor for DAM! Magazine, her major is journalism and she plans to transfer to San Francisco State University. She writes poetry and short stories and loves meeting new people because she believes that everyone has a story to tell.

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Melissa Hurtado

Melissa Hurtado is 19 years old and is a second year student at American River College. This is the second semester writing for the AR Current and is the editor for the News section. She anticipates on graduating from American River in 2015 with Associates Degrees in Language Studies: Spanish, Political Science and Journalism. Then she hopes to transfer to Sacramento State.

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Walter Jones

Walter Jones is in his second semester with The Current as a staff writer and designer. He is hoping to earn a degree at American River College in journalism and transfer to Sacramento State to earn a degree in mass communications. He enjoys sports and is addicted to music.

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Phillip Kingsley

Phillip Kingsley is in his first semester at both ARC and on The Current. He is a skydiving videographer looking to improve his editing skills and wants to make videos for the ARC sports programs.

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Korbl Klimecki

Korbl Klimecki is a fourth semester newspaper staffer. In past semesters, he has been the web editor and this semester will be taking on Ad Representative duties. He has earned an A.A. in culinary arts, and is finishing up a second A.A. in journalism.

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Cintia Lopez

Cintia Lopez is the editor of DAM! magazine.  She spent four semesters on The Current and three semesters as an editor. In the previous semesters she was an Arts and Culture writer, then became editor of the section, scene editor and managing editor on The Current.

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Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy is in her fourth and final semester at ARC. She hopes to transfer Sacramento State and then to Law School. She enjoys writing about the people of ARC and feels everyone has an interesting story to tell.

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Kyle Moore

This is Kyle Moore’s second semester at American River College and his first on The Current. He is currently working on his transfer degree but is unsure of his major.

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Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson is a journalism major with a passion for reporting gaming news. This is his second semester on The Current. While not a big sports or politics fan he is always ready to write on any subject he is challenged to.

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Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco is a 3rd year ARC student, in his 4th semester in The Current. Passionate in everything that he does, from music to gaming, he moves this passion to journalism.

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Alex Panasenko

Alex Panasenko is a fourth-semester journalism student and third-semester paper staffer at The Current. Alex is 30 years old and lives in North Highlands, CA.

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Pruves, Brooke

Brooke Purves

Brooke Sanders Purves is a second-semester staff member of The Current and is currently serving as copy chief. Brooke is a certified ROPE/COPE course instructor, home and auto repair geek, soccer/baseball/softball/football mom, and avid chronicler of her children’s misdoings. She hopes to never have to wear a suit to work.

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Emily Rabasto

Emily Rabasto is a journalism major and has been with the Current for three semesters. This semester, she holds the position of co-editor-in-chief. Last semester, she worked as the Photo Editor and enjoys photographing all subjects and sports for American River College. Her career goals include being a conflict journalist and working for National Geographic.

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Adnan Ramic

Adnan Ramic is the editor for the Arts & Culture section as well as a designer and photographer for The Current. He is a second semester student who enjoys films, music, video games, and sports.  He hopes to eventually transfer to Sacramento State and major in graphic design.

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Kameron Schmid

Kameron Schmid is the Sports Editor at The Current.  He is also president of ARC’s Improv Club, and a performing member at both Blacktop Comedy in Roseville and Comedysportz Sacramento.

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Sarah Scott

This is Sarah’s fourth semester on staff at The Current. She has been the design editor for the last three semesters. She is working towards her degree in geography, with plans to transfer to Sonoma State in the fall.  She loves bagels, kayaking and her German Shepherd puppy Jackson.


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Kevin Sheridan

Kevin is a Sacramento native majoring in Journalism. This is his first semester writing for the Current and his second semester overall at American River College.

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Sri Sherrell

Sri Sherrell has been a photographer for eight years ranging from simple editorials to avant-garde fine art. She’s written tales of her random and hilarious adventures on her blog  This is her first semester on The Current.

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Zach Tierney

Zach Tierney is now on his second semester with The Current. He spent his first semester on the current as assistant Copy Chief and is now Photo Editor. It is his greatest desire to live up to the legacy of the photo editors that came before him and be a worthy successor.

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