Mustangs Outpace Beavers 17-4

Elizabeth Fomine no. 4 is taking a shot against the San Joaquin Mustangs at the American River College pool on Oct. 9, 2019. (Photo by Bram Martinez)

The American River College women’s water polo team lost 17-4 in a match against the San Joaquin Mustangs at the ARC pool on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Women’s water polo head coach Heather Moody said she was impressed with the team’s defense, although she thought the team could have done better in the second half.

“I was really impressed with the first half because the team came together and kept the opponents score low, and we maintained defense through teamwork, but the second half we fell apart,” Moody said.

Ari Miggins, the goalie for ARC, says the team did better than the last match, but there are still problems that need to be ironed out.

“We had an extra player so it definitely helped. We played as hard as we can, but we keep getting discouraged, which causes us to get in our heads,” Miggins said. “We take it out on each other, we try not to, but we are working on it.”

When trying to figure a way to rectify this, Moody said she wants to go on the attack.

“We really need to control the ball offensively and finishing up our shots,” Moody said.

According to Miggins, the team has a different problem.

“I’m happy with my fellow players, but I am not happy with the team size,” Miggins said.  “We had 20 girls last season, barely any came back. It’s heartbreaking.”


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